Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dutch Jazz 2017 (Toppyjazz 486)

This week only Dutch musicians on Toppyjazz.
Again the surprise of Toppyjazz 481 : singer Simone Honijk.
Simone sent us 2 more albums which you hear  on the end of the program.
First 2 more tracks of From This Moment On, the surprisingly good new cd from Simone Honijk.
Furthermore the cd Sessions from Ben van den Dungen and The Joris Posthumus Group with some bad boys from Tokyo!

Playlist :
01 - Astronout - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
02 - The Healing - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
03 - Two Sessions 2 - Ben van den Dungen (album 2 Sessions)
04 - Situation On Easy Street - Ben van den Dungen (album 2 Sessions)
05 -One Eyed Felix - Joris Posthumus Group (album Tokyo's Bad Boys)
06 - Tokyo's Bad Boys - Joris Posthumus Group (album Tokyo's Bad Boys)
07 - Fair Weather - Simone Honijk (album Mosaic)
08 - Interplay - Simone Honijk & Bert van den Brink (album Interplay)
09 - Groovin' High - Scott Hamilton & Rein de Graaff Trio (album Live At The Jazz Room)
Download :Toppyjazz 486

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Encore.....Toppyjazz (part 11) (Toppyjazz 481)

Once a year we look back at former Toppyjazz programs and supply extra information about some musician's.
First all the time to repeat  Christoph Neuhaus and My Foolish Heart, we missed it in Toppyjazz 471!
Second excuses to Nueva Manteca, their cd Crime was lost somewhere in our studio.
Very nice cd with music to "Murder By".
Only what has "America" from West Side Story to do with Crime?
Why not pick The Rumble from their cd "Latin Tribute to West Side Story" ?
We air another cd from Ben van Dungen. We love his project New York Round Midnight.
4 stars for this project!
Two more fantasticd cd's : 1.Listening To You from our friend Judy Niemack.
Judy it was nice to meet you in Groningen (Holland).

2. Simone Honijk comes from Alkmaar, Holland.
 She started singing at 38! We got 3 cd's from her. (2 cd's next month)
Just out her cd From This Moment On with a very good backing group from leader/pianist Dirk Balthaus. Just sit and enjoy 60 minutes these fantastic musician's!
Playlist :
01 - My Foolish Heart - Christoph Neuhaus (album Matter of Three)
02 - America - Nueva Manteca (album Crime!)
03 - Blues In The Night - New York Round Midnight Project (Ben van den Dungen)
04 - Tengo Tango - New York Round Midnight Project (Ben van den Dungen)
05 - Little Red Rooster - Guy Davis (album Kokomo Kid)
06 - Trip To Brazil - Luiz Henrique (album Coffee Time Jazz)
07 - Harlem Nocturne - Sylvia Brooks (album Dangerous Liaisons)
08 - All The Things You Are - Judy Niemack (album Listening To You)
09 - Listening To You - Judy Niemack (album Listening To You)
10 - From This Moment On - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
11 - Dienda - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
Download :

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

June Jazz 2017 (Toppyjazz 485)

This week we travel across Europe.
We start with the German band Jazzkantine (1994) from Ole Sander, Matthias Lanzer and Christian Eitner.
From Norway comes pianist Ketil Bjornstadt (1952, Oslo, Norway). We pick the best out of 40 cd's.
We close with 2 singers with the name Marilyn Scott. Fisrt Marilyn Scott from California, 1949.
She worked with The YSellowjackets and Bobby Womack.
Our closing tune is for bluessinger Marilyn Scott (19??) with I Got What My Daddy Likes!

Playlist :
01 - Die Jazzkantine - Jazzkantine (album Jazzkantine)
02 - Respect - Jazzkantine (album Frish gepresst und Live)
03 - Krankenhaus - Jazzkantine (album Geheimrecept)
04 - Benutz mich - Jazzkantine & HR Big Band (album Futter für die Seele)
05 - Tone L. - Ketil Bjornstadt (album Apning)
06 - Riverscape - Ketil Bjornstadt (album Water Stories)
07 - By The Fjord - Ketil Bjornstadt & Terje Rypdal (album Life in Leipzig)
08 - Let's Be Friends - Marilyn Scott (album Dreams of Tomorrow)
09 - Show Me Your Devotion - Marilyn Scott& Bobby Caldwell (album Timeline)
10 - Take Me With You - Marilyn Scott (album Take Me With You)
11 - Avenda del sol - Marilyn Scott (album Avenues of Love)
12 - Blue Prelude - Marilyn Scott (album Standard Blue)
13 - I Got What My Daddy Likes - Marilyn Scott (blues singer) (album East Coast Blues)
Download:Toppyjazz 485

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

New On Toppyjazz Mai 2017 (part 2) (Toppyjazz 484)

This week a grip out of some fantastic new cd's from Cynthia Carr, Tiffany Jones and Viktoria Tolstoy.
From Austria again Simon Kopmajer with again a excellent cd Soulmates with Paul Urbanek piano and Reinhardt Winkler drums.
We close with The WDR Big Band with trombonist Marshall Gilkes (1978, Camp Springs, Md)
Playlist :
01 - Here's To Life - Cynthia Carr (album Here's To Life)
02 - Almost There - Tiffany Jones (album Him)
03 - As Time Goes By - Viktoria Tolstoy & Iiro Rantala (album Meet Me At The Movies)
04 - Love Song For A Vampire - Viktoria Tolstoy & Nils Landgren (same album)
05 - Behind The Broken Glass - Avisha Cohen (album Live in Hamburg)
06 - The In Crowd - Simone Kopmajer (album Soulmates)
07 - Angie - Simone Kopmajer (album Soulmates)
08 - My Shining Hour - Marshall Gilkes & WDR Big Band (album Köln)
09 - Mary Louise - Marshal Gilkes & WDR Big Band (album Köln)
10 - That's All - Ingrid Vliegenthart (album Love You Madly)
Download :Toppyjazz 484

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

New On Toppyjazz Mai 2017 (part 1)(Toppyjazz 483)

New on Toppyjazz this week : Singer Amy Yassinger (Chicago, 19??) with Shout Section Big Band, Richard Whiteman(Toronto, Canada, 1960)with a fine cd with Brandi Disterheft: All or Nothing at All!
From Italy we have drummer Simone Prattico (1970, Rome). He made also with Brandi Disterheft the cd Brooklyn Sessions.
From Russia with Love is Svetlana Shmuylian with Wycliffe Gordon and The Delaney Five.
We close with "The Lost Concert" from Stan Kenton at The Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles 1978.
Playlist :
01 - On A Slow Boat To China - Amy Yassinger (album Sometimes I'm Happy)
02 - Love For Sale - Amy Yassinger (album Sometimes I'm Happy)
03 - One O'Clock Jump - Shout Section Big Band (album Cruisin')
04 - On The Street Where You Live - Amy Yassinger & Shout Section Big Band (album Cruisin')
05 - Time After Time - Amy Yassinger & Shout Section Big Band (album Cruisin')
06 - In The Still Of The Night - Richard Whiteman Trio (album All Or Nothing At All)
07 - Slow Night - Richard Whiteman Trio (album Slow Night)
08 - Picolino - Simone Prattico (album Brooklyn Sessions)
09 - Temptations - Svetlana Shmulylian & The Delaney Five (album Night At The Speakeasy)
10 - Under A Blanket Of Blue - Svetlana & Wycliffe Gordon (album Night At The Speakeasy)
11 - Bogota - Stan Kenton (album The Lost Concert)
Download :Toppyjazz 483

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Johnny Mathis Special (Toppyjazz 482)

Welcome by Toppyjazz with a late present for Motherday!
This time about singer Johnny Mathis (1935, Gilmer Texas).
He sold more than 350 million records, mostly LP and CD's.
Sit and listen to Johnny for one hour!
Playlist :
01 - Angel Eyes - Johnny Mathis (album Johnny Mathis)
02 - It Might As Well Be Spring - Johnny Mathis (album Johnny Mathis)
03 - Misty - Johnny Mathis (album Heavenly)
04 - I'll Be Seeing You - Johnny Mathis (album Open Fire, Two Guitars)
05 - So Nice - Johnny Mathis (album So Nice)
06 - Gina - Johnny Mathis (album Johnny's Newest Hits)
07 - Because You Loved Me - Johnny Mathis (album Songs Of Diane Warren)
08 - I Won't Dance - Johnny Mathis (album Live It Up!)
09 - Les moulins de mon coeur - Johnny Mathis & Jean Toots Thielemans (album Chez Toots)
10 - Over The Rainbow - Ray Charles & Johnny Mathis (album Genius Loves Company)
11 - Baubles, Bangles and Beads - Johnny Mathis (album So Nice)
12 - Maria - Johnny Mathis (album In Person-Recorded in Las Vegas)
13 - I Can't Stop Loving You - Johnny Mathis (album Let It Be Me- JM in Nashville)
Download :Toppyjazz 482

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Larry Coryell Special (part 2) (Toppyjazz 480)

Larry Coryell (April 2, 1943, Galveston- February 19, 2017-New York)
Once again one of our friends is gone. Larry Coryell died February 19, 2017 in New York. We met Larry in September 2004 in het Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Holland.

(Picture @Herman van der Meij-2004) We got more than 130 albums from Larry, and we pick the best of it for this Memorial program.
Playlist :
01 - Green Moss - Chico O'Farrell (album Nine Flags)
02 - Twin House - Philip Catherine & Larry Coryell (album Twin House)
03 - How My Heart Sings - Emily Remler & Larry Coryell (album Together)
04 - Star Eyes - Larry Coryell (album Monk, Trane , Miles and Me)
05 - Passion - Larry Coryell & Hariprasa Chaurasia (album Music Without Bounderies)
06 - Summer - Alegro - Larry Coryell & Kazuhizo Yamahita (album Vivaldi- Four Seasons)
07 - Immer Geradeaus - Larry Coryell (album Tricycles)
08 - The Last Drop - Larry Coryell with The Wide Hive Players (album LC with The Wide Hive)
09 - Spiritual Dance Larry Coryell & Dr. L. Subramaniam (album Standing Ovation)
 Download : Toppyjazz 480

Monday, 1 May 2017


We found some typical Toppyjazz downloads for our TOPPYJAZZ fans: ALL RADIO SHOWS From 2007-2017 are still available for download (without the first 2 minutes Dutch News!) write to

Nat Peck Tu Parles trop 

Svend Asmussen & Horst Jankowski Classics album
Paul Cacia - Tribute To Stan Kenton
Stan Kenton - Kenton Wagner & Stan'Dart Kenton
Shirley Scott/Gary McFarland-Latin Shadows
Tony Kinsey- Time Gentlemen Please
Linda Kosut: 2014 - Interview album Linda Kosut Sings Johnny Green

Teddi King - Bidin' My Time
Toppyjazz 01-2007
Toppyjazz 02-2007
Toppyjazz 03-2007
Toppyjazz 71-2009- Cees Mentink (Leidse Jazz Week)
Toppyjazz 72-2009- Cees Mentink (Leidse Jazz geschiedenis)
Toppyjazz 73-2009- Cees Mentink Muziekjournalist
Toppyjazz 86-2009 -
Toppyjazz 177-2011 (Volle Maan 1)
Swing Tanzen Verboten download
Toppyjazz 327
Toppyjazz 328
Toppyjazz 458-2016 Volle Maan 2
Jazz In Paris : Catalogue Catalogue
Jazz In Paris Sampler Sampler
Download gone?? Please let us know, so we will re-upload.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Royal Toppyjazz 2017 (Toppyjazz 479)

Attention : This week we have the Birthday of King Willem Alexander. So this week only Dutch news!

In 2013 had Toppyjazz al eens een Royal Toppyjazz met Koningsdag.
Dat doen we dit jaat nog eens over met aandacht voor liedjes met Royal, King, Queen, Princess en als laatste Argentina, want ook Koningin Maxima vergeten we niet op deze dag.
Vandaag ook een wereld premiere en wel het nummer Pincess van de cd Jay Corre Swings uit 2004.
Deze cd is verschenen op ons eigen platenmerk Toppyjazz.
Veel plezier.
Playlist :
01 - King For A Day - Dave Brubeck (album Dave Brubeck In Moscow)
02 - The Crown and The King Lament of The Kings - Manowar (album Love Garden)
03 - King Of The Road - Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery (album Further Adventures of Jimmy & Wes)
04 - Dancing Queen - European Jazz Trio (album Dancing Queen)
05 - Still A Queen - Petra Berger (album Eternal Woman)
06 - Princess - Jay Corre (album Jay Corre Swings)
07 - The Young Prince and The Young Princess - Larry Coryell (album Sheherazade)
08 - Next To You I Like Me Next To You - Dick de Pauw and his Royal Dance Band (album Svens Jazz Historia vol 1)
09 - Royal Blue - Stan Kenton (album Back To Balboa)
10 - Royal Garden Blues - Bobby Hackett (album Coast Concert)
11 - Koning en Keizer zijn ook maar mensenvlees - Cornelis Vreeswijk (album Liedjes voor de Pijpendraaier)
12 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Sarah Brightman (album The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Jazz Scene USA (part 5) (Toppyjazz 478)

Great surprise for us singer Austin Cromer (193?, Kansas).
We found some wonderful recordings from 1956 with Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey.
Further fine music from Allen Toussaint(1938, New Orléans-2015, Madrid) and Fats Domino.
We introduce Laura Karst from the San Francisco Area with a fine video.
All info on our program.

Playlist :
01 - Over The Rainbow - Austin Cromer & Dizzy Gillespie (album Birks Work disc 2)
02 - Doodlin' - Dizzy Gillespie (album Dizzy In South America vol 2)
03 - Flamingo - Austin Cromer (album Dizzy in South America vol 1)
04 - The Feast - Art Blakey (album Holiday For Skins)
05 - The More I See You - Austin Cromer (album Sings For Her)
06 - Desafinado - Laura Karst (album Little Did I Dream)
07 - Southern Nights - Glen Campbell (album Rolling With Punches- Allen Toussaint Songbook)
08 - Soul Sister - Allen Toussaint (same album)
09 - From A Whisper To A Scream - Allen Toussaint (album From A Whisper To A Scream)
10 - Whipped Cream - The Stokes (album Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky)
11 - Young School Girl - Fats Domino (album Out Of New Orléans)
12 -Red Sails In The Sunset - Fats Domino (album The Paramount Years)
13 - Domino Twist - Fats Domino (album Live In Germany)
Download :Toppyjazz 478

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Verve Jazz Club (part 4)(Toppyjazz 477)

This week we continue our series about The Verve Jazz Club. We still have 125 cd's to go so wait and hear!

Playlist :
01-  Surfboard - Roberto Menescal (album Summer Jazz)
02 - Wade In The Water - Klaus Weiss (album Superdrummers)
03 - Concerto for Harp and Orchestra - Jonny Teupen (album Swinging Classics)
04 - Honeysuckle Rose - Paul Kuhn & Hort Jankowski (album Swinging Jazz Piano)
05 - A Night In Tunisia - Red Garland (album The Greatest Jazz Hits)
06 - Goody, Goody - Rita Reys & Dutch Swing College Band (album The Sound of Dixieland)
07 - I C'n Hear That - George Duke (album Keyboard Giant)
08 - Yeah, Dr. No - Ingfried Hoffmann (album Hammond Bond)
09 - Didn't We - Kurt Edelhagen (album Plays The Hits of Jimmy Webb)
10 - Ein Regenschirm am Abend - Max Greger (album Hallo, kleines Fraulein)
11 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out - Nina Simone (album My Baby Just Cares For Me)
12 - Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Quincy Jones (album Summer In The City)
13 - Mas que nada - Luiz Henrique (album Bossa Nova Singers)
Download :Toppyjazz 477

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hank Jones Special (1918-2010) (Toppyjazz 476)

This week we dig into the more than 50 cd's from Mr. Hank Jones.
Playlist :
01 - Wine & Brandy - Hank Jones Trio & Jerome Richardson (album The Trio)
02 - Summertime - Hank Jones (album Porgy & Bess)
03 - Manha de Carnaval - Hank jones (album Carnaval)
04 - Oh, Look At Me Now! - Hank Jones & George Shearing (album The Spirit of 176)
05 - Time After Time - Hank Jones & Abbey Lincoln (album When There Is Love)
06 - Just One Of Those Things - Hank Jones & Frank Wess (album Hank and Frank)
07 - Stardust - Hank Jones & Roberta Gambarini (album Lush Life)
08 - What Am I Here For? - Hank Jones & Oliver Jones (album Pleased To Meet You)
09 - Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen - Hank Jones & Charlie Haden (album Steal Away) 10 - Take My Hand, Precious Lord - Hank Jones & Charlie Haden (album Come Sunday)
Bonus : For Mods Only - Chico Hamilton (album Soul Jazz)
Download : Toppyjazz 476

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New on Toppyjazz 475

This week we have a couple of fantastic new jazz cd's by Malene Mortensen (1972, Denmark),
Eliane Elias (1960, Sao Paolo, Brazil) and Jennifer Scott (1964, Vancouver, Canada).
Manfred Mann (1940, South Africa) made a wonderful project Lone Arranger with the help of the famous German trumpetplayer Till Brönner. **** stars for that beautiful album!

Furthermore we have a new album by Simone Kopmajer and Sidsel Storm(1982, Denmark).
We close with a French series cd's named Tres Chique. Keep Jazzin'
Playlist :
01 - Sway - Malene Mortensen (album You Belong To Me)
02 - Temptation - Malene Mortensen (album Malene Live In Paris)
03 - Driving Ambition - Eliane Elias (album Made In Brazil)
04 - Nothing Compares To You - Manfred Mann & Till Bronner (album Lone Arranger )
05 - Footprints - Manfred Mann & Viktoria Tolstoy & Till Bronner (album Lone Arranger)
06 - La Vie en Rose - Jennifer Scott (album Le Temps de L'Amour)
07 - Wichita Lineman - Simone Kopmajer (album The Best In You)
08 - Sadness - Sidsel Storm (album Closer)
09 - Moanin' - Les Double Six (album Tres Chic, volume 1)
10 - Roland Reve - Michel Legrand (album Tres Chic, volume 2)
11 - Blues March - Art Blakey (album Tres Chic, volume 3)
12 - Generique - Miles Davis (album Tres Chic, volume 1)
13 - Nuit sur Champs Elysees - Miles Davis (album L'ascenseur pour l'echevaud) Download : Toppyjazz 475

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Thin Red Wire (Toppyjazz 474)

This program we have a red wire starting with guitar player Vic Juris , Richie Cole, Buddy Rich,
Johnny Mathis and ends with (the dead of) Buddy Greco this year.
We found a wonderful video : The Buddy Rich band with Jay Corre on tenor sax and Buddy Greco on piano with The Rotten Kid (written by Buddy Greco for Cathy Rich).
Keep Jazzin'.

Playlist :
01 - In Between - Vic Juris (album Roadsong)
02 - Dekooning - Vic Juris (album Night Tripper)
03 - All The Things You Are - Vic Juris (album Walking On Water)
04 - New York Afternoon - Richie Cole & Eddie Jefferson
05 - Acid Truth - Buddy Rich Big Band (album Keeper Of The Flame)
06 - The Rotten Kid - Buddy Rich (album The New One!)
07 - Stay Warm - Johnny Mathis (album Johnny's Mood)
08 - I'll Be Around - Buddy Greco (album Buddy)
09 - Too Darn Hot - Buddy Greco (album I Like It Swinging)
10 - Who Can I Turn To? - Buddy Greco (album I Love A Piano)
11 - The Rules Of The Road - Buddy Greco (album On Stage)
12 - Ja-Da - Buddy Greco (album Swing In The Key Of Buddy Greco)
Download :Toppyjazz 474

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Buddy Greco Show 1965

This week NO Toppyjazz because of our Dutch elections. But we found one hour Buddy Greo, a tv show from 1965 or 1966. There's a little dispute about the release of some songs from this show. But Have fun after all!

Songs :
Buddy Greco .
Satin Doll
let Me Love You
The Girl From Ipanema
One Note Samba
Going Out Of My Head
The More I See You
Slaugther On 10th Avenua
The Lady Is A Tramp (with Sammy Davis jr.)
The Way You Walk ?
You're Nobody 'till Somebody Loves You

Franky Avalon:
Just One Of Those Things
That's My Style

Susan Barrett
It's Not Unusual
And I Love Him

Orchestra arranged and conductted by Dick Palombi