Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A - B - C Jazz on Toppyjazz 553

This week some musicians from A to C on Toppyjazz.

Claudia Acuna (1971, Chile)
Charlotte Illinger (Germany)
Claire Martin with her new cd Believin' It from Linn Records .
Alexis Cuadrado (Barcelona, Spain)
Bo Sundstrom (Sweden)
Brent Spiner (1949)
Bebel Gilberto.
Anan Gazzola (Brazil)
Ruud Bos (1936, Holland)
Tiffany Austin (Los Angeles)

Keep Jazzin' !

Playlist :
01- But Beautiful - Claudia Acuna (album Turning Pages)
02 - Furniture - Chatlotte Ilinger (album But Beautiful)
03 - P.s. I Love You - Claire Martin (album Believin' It)
04 - Asesinato - Alexis Cuadrado (album A Lorca Soundscape)
05 - Monica's Vals - Bob Sundstrom (album Mitt Dumma jag)
06 - A Rude Awakening - Brent Spiner (album Dreamland)
07 - Son Nice - Bebel Gilberto (album Live At The Belly Up)
08 - Summertime - Anan Gazzola (album Brazilian Blues)
09 - Han's Blues - Ruud Bos orkest (album The Secret All Star Band)
10 - Resolution - Tiffany Austin (album Unbroken)
11 - Greenwood - Tiffany Austin (album Unbroken)
Download: Toppyjazz 553

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hans Theessink Blues Night (Toppyjazz 550)

Toppyjazz 550 has Dutch blues guitar player Hans Theessink. Born 7 April 1948 at Enschede, Holland, Hans startet in 1970 with his first recording Next Morning At Sunrise.
HansTheessink worked in Copenhagen and Germany in the '70's.
From the 80's most around Vienna, Austria.
All other info about Hans Theessink is giving by our host Gretha.
Intermezzo in our program brings jazz singer Lina Nyberg (1970, Stockholm,Sweden)

Playlist :
01 - Next Morning At Sunrise - Hans Theessink (E.P)
02 - Late Last Night - Hans Theessink (album Late Last Night)
03 - Baby Wants To Boogie - Hans Theessink (album Baby Wants To Boogie)
04 - Set Me free - Hans Theessink (album  Journey on)
05 - Titanic - Hans Theessink (album Blue Grooves From Vienna)
06 - Blackbird - Lina Nyberg (album When The Sun Shines Through)
07 - Somewhere - Lina Nyberg (album West Side Story)
08 - Sweet Home Chicago - Hans Theessink & Sassy Holzinger (album 70th Birthday Bash)
09 - Godu bleibst heute Nacht bei mir - Hans Theessink (same album)
10 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Hans Theessink (same album)
11 - I Saw The Light - Hans Theessink & The Blind Boys Of Alabama (same album)
Download: Toppyjazz 550

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Toppyjazz Octet (Toppyjazz 552)

This week we have Ada Morghe (Alexandra Helmig) from München. She's the German answer to Norah Jones.
The Ed Palermo Big Band made a new Great Day In Harlem with his album A Lousy Day In Harlem.
The picture is made by Mr. Art Kane in 1958!
Maria Faust is back with her Maris Faust Jazz Catastrophe.

We also have Wolfgang Muthspiel , we get his cd Where The River Goes.

Rebekka Bakken brings her new cd Things You Leave Behind.

From Hengelo is our colleague Cynthia Thijs Coenraads. Her latest album is titled Meet Me At A Summers Day.
We close with the Norwegian piano player Helge Lien and Patricia Barber with the cd Higher and one bootleg from France.

Keep Jazzin'!
Playlist :
01 - Soar Up High - Ada Morghe (album Pictures)
02 - The One With The Balloon - Ed Palermo Big Band (album A Lousy Day In Harlem)
03 - Lover Is A Dog From Hell - Maria Faust Jazz Cataastrophe
04 - Salacia - Maria Faust (album Machina)
05 - Where The River Goes - Wolfgang Muthspiel (album Where The River Goes)
06 - Time After Time - Rebekka Bakken (album Things You Leave Behind)
07 - Meet Me At A Summers Day - Cynthia Thijs
08 - Berlin Blues - Helge Lien (album 10)
09 - The Albatross Song - Patricia Barber (album Higher)
10 - Summer Samba - Patricia Barber (bootleg Jacques Brell Hall)
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New On Toppyjazz Juli 2019. (Toppyjazz 551)

 Back with us Dena DeRose and Scott Hamilton and their fantastic album The Shadow Of Your Smile.
Lisa Wahlandt is here with the cd Venus Ib The Backyard in the series "Die drei Damen". Great album!
 Blue Canou Records brings the new cd from Joseph Patrick Moore titled Nevada Sun. That's 4 stars for JP!
Furthermore we have Nils Wülker,Clark Terry, Dotschy Reinhardt and Steve Kühn.
 Who needs more??
 01 - The Shadow Of Your Smile - Scott Hamilton & Dena DeRose (album The Shadow Of Your Smile)
 02 - Moon Mist - Scott Hamilton & Dena DeRose (same album)
03 - Never Let Me Go - Steve Kühn Trio (album To And From The Heart)
04 - Dat Dere - Die drei Damen (Lisa Wahlandt / Andrea Hermenau /Christiane Ötti) (album Venus In The Backyard)
05 - Not Now Maybe Then - Dotschy Reinhardt (album Chaplin's secret)
06 - Porgy & Bess - Nigel Kenneday (album Kennedy Meets Gershwin)
07 - Summertime - Clark Terry & Chicago Jazz Orchestra (album Porga & Bess)
08 - Fearless - Joseph Patrick Moore (album Nevada Sun)
09 - Happy Girl - Joseph Patrick Moore (same album)
10 - Season - Nils Wülker (album Decade Live)
11 - Wanderlust - Nils Wülker (album Decade Live)
Download : Toppyjzz 551

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

We repeat Spring Toppyjazz (Toppyjazz 546)

It's spring again by Toppyjazz so we have only happy jazz this week.
First with our great friend Dena DeRose . We love to have you back with us Dena!
We found several albums from/and with Dena DeRose , you will hear them this week and the next month!
Furthermore we have Maaike Den Dunnen (with Dena DeRose and Hans Theessink.
In two months we have a full blues night with Hans Theessink.
From Portugal comes Sara Serpa. We close with erik Friedlander and Ida Landsberg.
Keep Jazzin'.
01 - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Dena DeRose (album Love's Holiday)
02 - The Deep - Maaike Den Dunnen &Dena DeRose (album Inner Space)
03 - Mississippi - Hans Theessink (1948, Enschede) (album The Dali CD)
04 - Feelin' Good - Aston Grey Project (album Outta Time)
05 - Some Of That Sunshine - Karrin Allyson (album Some Of That Sunshine)
06 - I'm In The Mood For Love - Peter Bernstein/Larry Goldings/Bill Stewart (album Toy Tunes)
07 - April In Paris - Sara Serpa (1979, Lissabon) & Ran Blake (1935) (album Camera Obscura)
08 - Less Tension Please - Greg Osby & Sara Serpa (album Nine Levels)
09 - Object - Sara Serpa (album Close Up)
10 - Sparkotropic - Erik Friedlander (album Artemisia)
11 - L'aventure - Ida Landsberg (album Little Songs For Big Elevators)
Download : Toppyjazz 546 (music only)
Download : Toppyjazz 546 with Host

Monday, July 1, 2019


We found some typical Toppyjazz downloads for our TOPPYJAZZ fans: ALL RADIO SHOWS From 2007-2018 are still available for download (without the first 2 minutes Dutch News!) write to


All RAR files from 2007-2016 are in WINRAR 3.80 format.
2017 RAR files are in WINRAR 3.80 or 5.50 format.
2018 RAR files are in WINRAR 5.50 format!

Linda Kosut: 2014 - Interview album Linda Kosut Sings Johnny Green


Toppyjazz 01-2007
Toppyjazz 02-2007
Toppyjazz 03-2007
Toppyjazz 71-2009- Cees Mentink (Leidse Jazz Week)
Toppyjazz 72-2009- Cees Mentink (Leidse Jazz geschiedenis)
Toppyjazz 73-2009- Cees Mentink Muziekjournalist
Toppyjazz 86-2009 -
Toppyjazz 177-2011 (Volle Maan 1)
Toppyjazz 327
Toppyjazz 328
Toppyjazz 458-2016 Volle Maan 2
 Toppyjazz 531 -2018/2019

Download gone?? Please let us know, so we will re-upload.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

German Jazz Time (4) (Toppyjazz 545)

This week we have German's most succesfull composer and saxplayer Klaus Doldinger.
He composed and played the title theme for "Tatort", world's number one crime series for more then 48 years. Tatort runs to 1100 episodes! Klaus wrote also the theme for Das Boot and 140 other films.
Klaus Doldinger won more then 25 music Awards! (Sometimes with his band Passport)
We take the best from Klaus Doldinger out of hundred albums.
Furthermore we have again Stefanie Schlesinger, Till Brönner with the WDR BIg Band.
Special guest is Nils Wogram with the NDR Big Band.
Keep Jazzin'!
Download :Toppyjazz 545 with Host

Playlist :
01 - Das Boot - Klaus Doldinger (album Das Boot)
02 - Mondlied - Claudia Jung (album All The best)
03 - Ready To Take Off - Klaus Doldinger's Passport (album Looking Thru)
04 - It's Magic - Klaus Doldinger's Passport (album Heavy Nights)
05 - Nighttime In New York - Klaus Doldinger (album Doldinger In New Yprk)
06 - Blind Date - Klaus Doldinger (album Back In New York)
07 - Hurra, wir leben noch - Stefanie Schlesinger (album Reality)
08 - Blue Eyed Soul Medley - Till Brönner & WDR Big Band (Klavier-Festival Ruhr 2018)
09 - Brew Your Own - Nils Wogram & NDR Big Band (album Work Smoothly)

A - B - C Jazz on Toppyjazz 553

This week some musicians from A to C on Toppyjazz. Claudia Acuna (1971, Chile) Charlotte Illinger (Germany) Claire Martin with her new c...