Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LISA is back in town! (Toppyjazz 528)

Some very good news this week. We're permitted to use all new cd's from Music Promotion Net from now on. That's the music site for the German Radio Stations.

Lisa Hilton made a very fine cd Escapism. Highly recommanded! That's 4 stars from Toppyjazz!
Toyppyjazz will be on a summertour through Europe this year. Escapism will be in our Caravan!
Singer Alexandrina Simeon (1976, Bulgaria) has on her cd Ocean Tales, German and Bulgarian songs mostly about her "Black Sea".
Furthermore we have :
Jamison Ross with his album All For One- One For All.
Norah Jones with her dubbelcd Day Breaks (Japanese edition)
Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg with their album Nightfall.
(We start with the worst album ever : album ONE from Sidsel Endressen)

Playlist :
01 - 4 - Sidsel Endressen (album One)
02 - Dove Over The Black Sea - Alexandrina Simeon (album Ocean Tales)
03 - Why Don't You Do Right - Mark Murphy (album Milestones)
04 - Hot Summer Samba - Lisa Hilton (album Escapism)
05 - On A Clear Day - Lisa Hilton (album Escapism)
06 - A Thousand Kisses Deep - Till Bronner & Dieter Ilg (album Nightfall)
07 - Ach bleib mit deine Genade - Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg (album Nightfall)
08 - Flipside - Norah Jones (album Day Breaks)
09 - I've Gotta See You Again - Norah Jones (album Day Breaks)
10 - Save In The Arms Of Love - Jamison Ross (album All For One- One For All)
11 - My Ship - Jamison Ross (same album)
12 - Away - Jamison Ross (same album)
Download : Toppyjazz 528

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Theo Bleckmann & Friends (Toppyjazz 527)

This week for the second time we have a fine singer from Berlin, Germany :
Theo Bleckmann (1966, Dortmund).
Theo worked with peopüle like Sheila Jordan, Ben Monder, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk and others.
We picked some highlights from his musical life.

Playlist :
01 - The Word - Judy Niemack & Theo Bleckmann (album Straight Up)
02 - Every Time We Say Goodbye - Theo Bleckmann & Ben Monder (1962, New York)(album No Boat)
03 - You Are My Sunshine - Ben Monder & Theo Bleckmann (album Excavation)
04 - Glimpse Of The Moon - Ikue Mori (1955, Tokyo) & Theo Bleckmann (album One Hundred Aspects Of The Moon)
05 - The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Theo Bleckmann (album Hello Earth!- The Music Of Kate Bush)
06 - Particular Dance - Meredith Monk (1942, Lima,Peru) (album Impermanence)
07 - Songs My Mother Taught Me - Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody (2001, California)(album Twelve Songs By Charles Ives)
08 - Gimmy A Minute Please - Guy Klucevsek (1947, USA) (album The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour)
09 - Waltz For Sandy - Guy Klucevsek (same album)
10 - Seelenbaumeln - Jazz Big band Graz (album Urban Folktales)
11- They Can't Take That Away From Me - Uri Caine (album Gershwin -Rhapsody In Blue)
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Woofy Records and more.. (Toppyjazz 523)

This week we take you with us for the second time to WOOFY Records with some fine WEST COAST music from:
Carl Fontana
Buddy Childers
Bob Cooper
Andy Martin
Bob Enevoldsen
Bill Perkins & Shorty Rogers
Don Menza
Chris Walden Big Band.

Playlist :
01 - Speak Low - Bob Cooper & Carl Fontana (album Live at The Royal Palms Inn)
02 - Lester Leaps In - Carl Fontana & Buddy Childers (album Live at The Royal Palms Inn)
03 - These Foolish Things - The Andy Martin Quartet (album Live at Capozolli's)
04 - In A Mellow Tone - Bob Enevoldsen Quintet (album Sunday Afternoons At The Lighthouse Cafe)
05 - Traditional Blues - Shorty Rogers & Bill Perkins (album Live At The Royal Palms Inn)
06 - Rubberneck - Don Menza Quartet (album Live At Capozolli's)
07 - If I Onbly Knew - Chris Walden Big Band (album Full On!)
08 - Sir Duke - Chris Walden Big Band (album Full On!)
09 - Carl - Andy Martin Quartet (album It's Fine.- It's Andy)
Download : Toppyjazz-523

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