Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Boogie Woogie Time by Toppyjazz 487

This week one hour Boogie Woogie Time by Toppyjazz with:
Axel Zwingenberger
Pia Beck
Marylin Scott
Miller Sextet.

01 - Get Up Them Stairs - Pia Beck (single)
02 - I'm Feeling Blue At The Blue Note - Pia Beck (album Cafe Amsterdam)
03 - Beer Bottle Boogie - Marylin Scott (blues singer)
04 - Honky Tonky Train Blues - Axel Zwingenberger (album Boogie Woogie Breakdown)
05 - Jazzland Blues - Zwingenberger Bros (album Boogie Woogie Bros)
06 - St. Louis Boogie Blues - Axel Zwingenberger (album Boogie Back To New York City)
07 - Barbecue Boogie Woogie - Axel Zwingenberger & Big Jay McNeely (album Saxy Boogie Woogie)
08 - St. Louis Blues - Axel Zwingenberger & Lila Ammons (album Lady Sings The Boogie Woogie)
09 - Sympathy For The Drummer - Axel Zwingenberger (album The Magic Of Boogie Woogie)
10 - Route 66 - Axel Zwingenberger (album Live in Paris)
11 - Beat Me Pia, Eight To The Bar - Pia Beck &  Eddy Doorenbos (album Best of The Pia Beck Trio)
12 - Sweet Georgia Brown - Miller Sextet  (album Gone 1945-1961)
13 - Coquette - Miller Sextet (same album)
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dutch Jazz 2017 (Toppyjazz 486)

This week only Dutch musicians on Toppyjazz.
Again the surprise of Toppyjazz 481 : singer Simone Honijk.
Simone sent us 2 more albums which you hear  on the end of the program.
First 2 more tracks of From This Moment On, the surprisingly good new cd from Simone Honijk.
Furthermore the cd Sessions from Ben van den Dungen and The Joris Posthumus Group with some bad boys from Tokyo!

Playlist :
01 - Astronout - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
02 - The Healing - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
03 - Two Sessions 2 - Ben van den Dungen (album 2 Sessions)
04 - Situation On Easy Street - Ben van den Dungen (album 2 Sessions)
05 -One Eyed Felix - Joris Posthumus Group (album Tokyo's Bad Boys)
06 - Tokyo's Bad Boys - Joris Posthumus Group (album Tokyo's Bad Boys)
07 - Fair Weather - Simone Honijk (album Mosaic)
08 - Interplay - Simone Honijk & Bert van den Brink (album Interplay)
09 - Groovin' High - Scott Hamilton & Rein de Graaff Trio (album Live At The Jazz Room)
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Encore.....Toppyjazz (part 11) (Toppyjazz 481)

Once a year we look back at former Toppyjazz programs and supply extra information about some musician's.
First all the time to repeat  Christoph Neuhaus and My Foolish Heart, we missed it in Toppyjazz 471!
Second excuses to Nueva Manteca, their cd Crime was lost somewhere in our studio.
Very nice cd with music to "Murder By".
Only what has "America" from West Side Story to do with Crime?
Why not pick The Rumble from their cd "Latin Tribute to West Side Story" ?
We air another cd from Ben van Dungen. We love his project New York Round Midnight.
4 stars for this project!
Two more fantasticd cd's : 1.Listening To You from our friend Judy Niemack.
Judy it was nice to meet you in Groningen (Holland).

2. Simone Honijk comes from Alkmaar, Holland.
 She started singing at 38! We got 3 cd's from her. (2 cd's next month)
Just out her cd From This Moment On with a very good backing group from leader/pianist Dirk Balthaus. Just sit and enjoy 60 minutes these fantastic musician's!
Playlist :
01 - My Foolish Heart - Christoph Neuhaus (album Matter of Three)
02 - America - Nueva Manteca (album Crime!)
03 - Blues In The Night - New York Round Midnight Project (Ben van den Dungen)
04 - Tengo Tango - New York Round Midnight Project (Ben van den Dungen)
05 - Little Red Rooster - Guy Davis (album Kokomo Kid)
06 - Trip To Brazil - Luiz Henrique (album Coffee Time Jazz)
07 - Harlem Nocturne - Sylvia Brooks (album Dangerous Liaisons)
08 - All The Things You Are - Judy Niemack (album Listening To You)
09 - Listening To You - Judy Niemack (album Listening To You)
10 - From This Moment On - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
11 - Dienda - Simone Honijk (album From This Moment On)
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June Jazz 2017 (Toppyjazz 485)

This week we travel across Europe.
We start with the German band Jazzkantine (1994) from Ole Sander, Matthias Lanzer and Christian Eitner.
From Norway comes pianist Ketil Bjornstadt (1952, Oslo, Norway). We pick the best out of 40 cd's.
We close with 2 singers with the name Marilyn Scott. Fisrt Marilyn Scott from California, 1949.
She worked with The YSellowjackets and Bobby Womack.
Our closing tune is for bluessinger Marilyn Scott (19??) with I Got What My Daddy Likes!

Playlist :
01 - Die Jazzkantine - Jazzkantine (album Jazzkantine)
02 - Respect - Jazzkantine (album Frish gepresst und Live)
03 - Krankenhaus - Jazzkantine (album Geheimrecept)
04 - Benutz mich - Jazzkantine & HR Big Band (album Futter für die Seele)
05 - Tone L. - Ketil Bjornstadt (album Apning)
06 - Riverscape - Ketil Bjornstadt (album Water Stories)
07 - By The Fjord - Ketil Bjornstadt & Terje Rypdal (album Life in Leipzig)
08 - Let's Be Friends - Marilyn Scott (album Dreams of Tomorrow)
09 - Show Me Your Devotion - Marilyn Scott& Bobby Caldwell (album Timeline)
10 - Take Me With You - Marilyn Scott (album Take Me With You)
11 - Avenda del sol - Marilyn Scott (album Avenues of Love)
12 - Blue Prelude - Marilyn Scott (album Standard Blue)
13 - I Got What My Daddy Likes - Marilyn Scott (blues singer) (album East Coast Blues)
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David Broekman Revival (Toppyjazz 565)

DAVID BROEKMAN REVIVAL Als gast hebben we vanavond wederom in de studio Cees Mentink, auteur van het naslagwerk De Leidse Jazz Geschieden...