Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Asian Jazz (part 2) (Toppyjazz 335)

This time only jazz from our Asian friends like Chihiro Yamanaka from Japan, Yoshioko Yui also from Japan and Susan Wong from Hong Kong. Furthermore the sound of Ayumi and Eiji Taniguchi. The Japanese SSJ label brings the wife of Al Cohn Flo Handy with some beautiful music. At last we have Haromi Uehara, Helen Sung and Atsuko Hashimoto in our radio show. Have Fun!

Playlist :

01 -The Moon Was Yellow - Chihiro Yamanaka (album Forever Begins)

02 - My Generation - Yui (album I Love Yesterday)

03 - So Far Away - Susan Wong (album Come Into My Dreams)

04 - Fly Me To The Moon - Ayumi (album Doxy)

05 - You'ved Changed - Eiji Taniguchi & Eden Atwood (album The Sweet Sound of Bossa Nova)

06 - How Long Has This Been Going On - Flo Handy (album The Remarkable Voice of Flo Handy)

07 - No Moon At All - Flo Handy (same album)

08 - Ue Wo Muite Aruko - Haromi Uehara (album Beyond Standard)

09 - Haze - The Trio Project (album Voice)

10 - So In Love - Atsuko Hashimoto (album ..Until The Sun Comes Up)

11 - Never let Me Go - Helen Sung (album Anthem For A New Day)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Jazz Records (Toppyjazz 334)

We give you this week a selectings out of a bunch of new jazz recordings. We start with The Alexandrina Simeon Quintet. Alexandrina (1976) comes from Bulgaria and sings on concerts from Germany to Bulgaria.

Next American Idol 3 singer John Stevens(1987)from Buffalo and Ginger Bess (1977) from Texas.

Final we have Josh Groban and Carol Sloane in our radio show.

Playlist :

01 - Roots - Alexandrina Simeon Quintet (album Roots & Influence)

02 - The Truth - same

03 - Mi Corazon - Alexandrina Simeon Quintet (album Roots & Influence)

04 - Come Fly With Me - John Stevens (album Red)

05 - Here, There and Everywhere - John Stevens (album Red)

06 - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Ginger Bess (album Give Me The Simple Life)

07 - I'll Be Seeing You - Ginger Bess (album Give Me The Simple Life)

08 - The Moon is a Harsh Misstress - Josh Groban (album All that Echoes)

09 - E Ti Promettero - Josh Groban & Laura Pausini(album All that Echoes)

10 - Take My Tears - Kasia Lins (album Take My Tears)

11 - Liar - Kasia Lins (album Take My Tears)

12 - Here's That Rainy Day - Carol Sloane (album Whisper Sweet)

13 - Whisper Sweet - Carol Sloane (album Whisper Sweet)

14 - Zoot Walks In - Carol Sloane (album We'll Meet Again)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maybeck Meets Bach [Maybeck Recital Hall (part4) & Bach Jazz] (Toppyjazz 333)

In this pre-Eastern week some jazz related to Eastern and Bach. First parr 4 of our Maybeck Recital Series with Alan Broadbent (volume 14),Buddy Montgomery (volume 15), Jim McNeely (volume 20) and Jessica Williams (volume 21). Our Bach part with The Swingle Singers, Classical Jazz Quartet, Henri Crolla & Christiane LeGrand. At last Andre Hodier and Patti Smith with Easter.


01 - Lennie's Pennies - Alan Broadbent (album Live at Maybeck Recital Hall volume 14)

02 - Don't Ask Why - Alan Broadbent (same album)

03 - Brandenburg Concert no.3 - The Swingle Singers (album Bach Hits Back)

04 - Wachtet auf - The Swingle Singers (album Bach Hits Back)

05 - By Myself - Buddy Montgomery (album Live at Maybeck Recital Hall volume 15)

06 - Oboe Concerto - Classical Jazz Quartet (album Plays Bach)

07 - Un Poco Loco - Jim McNeely (album Live at Maybeck Recital Hall volume 21)

08 - Fugue in G Major - The Swingle Singers (album Jazz Sebastian Bach)

09 - Paris B.B. - Henri Crolla & Christiane LeGrand (album Jazz & Cinema vol.5)

10 - Jazz Cantates I,II,II - Andre Hodier (album Jazz & Jazz)

11 - I'm Confessin That I Love You - Jessica Williams (album Live at Maybeck Recital Hall volume 21)

12 - Easter - Patti Smith (album Easter)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dutch Jazz (and More) (Toppyjazz 331)

At last we got the Dutch version from My Fair Lady with Wim Sonneveld, Margriet de Groot and Johan Kaart. We give you a selection from the original LP.

Second the concert from The Nat Adderley Quintet at Laren in 1991. Furthermore Dutch singer Yvonne Smeets (1967) with the album Under A Cloud.

Also some music from Wouter Hamel, Giovanca Ostiana. At last another recording from Kurt Edelhagen with our friend Jean "Toots" Thielemans.


01 - Is er nu niemand - Wim Sonneveld (album My Fair Lady)

02 - Als 't effe kan - Johan Kaart (album My Fair Lady)

03 - kom terug en dans met mij - Margriet de Groot (album My Fair Lady)

04 - Ascot Gavotte - Ensemble (album My Fair Lady)

05 - Intro - Nat Adderley (album Laren 1991)

06 - Unit Seven - Nat Adderley (album Laren 1991)

07 - Black Nile - Yvonne Smeets (album Under A Cloud)

08 - Under A Cloud - Yvonne Smeets (album Under A Cloud)

09 - As Long As We're In Love - Wouter Hamel (album Hamel)

10 - Quite The Disguise - Wouter Hamel (album Nobody's Tune)

11 - On My Way - Giovanca Ostiana (album Subway Silence)

12 - Go Now - Giovanca Ostiana (album White I'm Awake)

13 - I Loves You Porgy- Jean "Toots" Thielemans & Kurt Edelhagen (album Road To Romance)

14 - Stairway To The Stars - Jean " Toots" Thielemans & Kurt Edelhagen (album Road To Romance)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nagel Heyer Records (Toppyjazz 330)

Founded in 1992 the Nagel Heyer family brought us an about 300 records catalog with modern and mainstream jazz. We give you this year an overflow of our choice from their artists. This week trating with LYAMBIKO (real name Sandy Müller) and her famtastic album Out of This Mood. Especial her version of Oscar Brown jr WORK SONG is 5 stars! More artist this week Harry Allen, David Ostwald, Fran Vignola, Caterina Valente, Zona Sul and Ken Peplowski.

Playlist :

01 - Worksong- Lyambiko (album Out of This Mood)

02 - Gone With The Wind - Lyambiko (album Out of This Mood)

03 - Tenderly - Lyambiko (album Shades of Delight)

04 - I Can't Get Started - Harry Allen, Randy Sandke & Rias Big BAnd with Jiggs Whigham(album Turnstile)

05 - Quiet Nights - Harry Allen (album Love Songs Only)

06 - Blues In My Heart - David Ostwald (album Blues in our Heart)

07 - It's Allright With Me - Frank Vignola (album Off Broadway- Extended)

08 - Chquilin de Bachlin _ Caterina Valente & Catherine Michel (album Vocal Jazz Ballads 2012)

09 - Estate - Zona Sul (album Vocal Jazz Ballads 2012)

10 - It's Easy To Remember - Ken Peplowski (album Vocal Jazz Ballads)

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