Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dutch Jazz (and More) (Toppyjazz 331)

At last we got the Dutch version from My Fair Lady with Wim Sonneveld, Margriet de Groot and Johan Kaart. We give you a selection from the original LP.

Second the concert from The Nat Adderley Quintet at Laren in 1991. Furthermore Dutch singer Yvonne Smeets (1967) with the album Under A Cloud.

Also some music from Wouter Hamel, Giovanca Ostiana. At last another recording from Kurt Edelhagen with our friend Jean "Toots" Thielemans.


01 - Is er nu niemand - Wim Sonneveld (album My Fair Lady)

02 - Als 't effe kan - Johan Kaart (album My Fair Lady)

03 - kom terug en dans met mij - Margriet de Groot (album My Fair Lady)

04 - Ascot Gavotte - Ensemble (album My Fair Lady)

05 - Intro - Nat Adderley (album Laren 1991)

06 - Unit Seven - Nat Adderley (album Laren 1991)

07 - Black Nile - Yvonne Smeets (album Under A Cloud)

08 - Under A Cloud - Yvonne Smeets (album Under A Cloud)

09 - As Long As We're In Love - Wouter Hamel (album Hamel)

10 - Quite The Disguise - Wouter Hamel (album Nobody's Tune)

11 - On My Way - Giovanca Ostiana (album Subway Silence)

12 - Go Now - Giovanca Ostiana (album White I'm Awake)

13 - I Loves You Porgy- Jean "Toots" Thielemans & Kurt Edelhagen (album Road To Romance)

14 - Stairway To The Stars - Jean " Toots" Thielemans & Kurt Edelhagen (album Road To Romance)

Download Dutch Radio Version :Toppyjazz 331

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