Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Asian Jazz (part 2) (Toppyjazz 335)

This time only jazz from our Asian friends like Chihiro Yamanaka from Japan, Yoshioko Yui also from Japan and Susan Wong from Hong Kong. Furthermore the sound of Ayumi and Eiji Taniguchi. The Japanese SSJ label brings the wife of Al Cohn Flo Handy with some beautiful music. At last we have Haromi Uehara, Helen Sung and Atsuko Hashimoto in our radio show. Have Fun!

Playlist :

01 -The Moon Was Yellow - Chihiro Yamanaka (album Forever Begins)

02 - My Generation - Yui (album I Love Yesterday)

03 - So Far Away - Susan Wong (album Come Into My Dreams)

04 - Fly Me To The Moon - Ayumi (album Doxy)

05 - You'ved Changed - Eiji Taniguchi & Eden Atwood (album The Sweet Sound of Bossa Nova)

06 - How Long Has This Been Going On - Flo Handy (album The Remarkable Voice of Flo Handy)

07 - No Moon At All - Flo Handy (same album)

08 - Ue Wo Muite Aruko - Haromi Uehara (album Beyond Standard)

09 - Haze - The Trio Project (album Voice)

10 - So In Love - Atsuko Hashimoto (album ..Until The Sun Comes Up)

11 - Never let Me Go - Helen Sung (album Anthem For A New Day)

Download Dutch radio Show :Toppyjazz 335

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