Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Between Old-and NewYear (Toppyjazz 464)

On this last program of 2016 something old and something new.
First Everything's Okay by Bobby Darin with the message, what ever happened to you this year if things were going better I die!
Some space for the bassplayer, vocalist and composer from Canada Brandi Disterheft.
Furthermore Ilse Huizinga and Thisbe Vos from Holland.
Nice cd from Sacha's Bloc and again the Paul Cacia Big Band.
Happy New Year!
01 - Everything's Okay -Bobby Darin (album Earthy!)
02 - Crippling Thrill - Brandi Disterheft  (album Blue Canvas)
03 - Blue Canvas - Brandi Disterheft (album Blue Canvas)
04 - A Caged Bird Sings - Ilse Huizinga (album Here's To Maya Angelou)
05 - Strange Rain - Bobby Darin (album Earthy!)
06 - Under Your Spell - Thisbe Vos (album Under Your Spell)
07 - Lonely Day In Paris - Sacha's Bloc & Patrick Tuzzolino (album Heart On Fire)
08 - Feels Like Jazz - Sacha's Bloc (album Heart On Fire)
09 - I'm A Fool To Want You - Paul Cacia Big Band (album Portrait)
10 - Elton John Medley - Paul Cacia Big Band (album Portrait)
11 - What's Another Year - Johnny Logan
12 - Begin The Beguine - Julio Iglesias (album Begin The Beguine)
13 - Toppyjazz tune by Stanley Turrentine
Download :Toppyjazz 464

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Toppyjazz Christmas Special (part 2)(Toppyjazz 463)

This part two of our Christmas Special 2016.
On this second program mostly the better POP songs!
Listen to the Xmas wishes of our Toppyjazz friends and special Joseph Patrick Moore.

Playlist :
01 - Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes
02 - Letzte Weihnacht - Anna-Maria Zimmerman
03 - Winter Things - Ariana Grande
04 - Silent Night - Neil Diamond
05 - All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
06 - In der Weihnachtsbäckerei - Helene Fischer
07 -Mary's Boy Child - Harry Belafonte
08 - Kerstmis - Marco Borsato
09 - Medley - Ray Conniff and the Singers
10 - Adeste Fideles - Helene Fischer
11 - La plus belle nuit - Charles Trenet
XMas Wishes
12 - Ann Margret
13 - Mariah Carey
14 - Bill Murray
15 - Danny DeVito
16 - Joseph Patrick Moore
17 - White Christmas - Idina Menzel
18 - What Are You Doing New Years Eve? - Idina Menzel
19 - Merry XMas You Suckers - Paddy Roberts
Dowload : Toppyjazz 463

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Toppyjazz Christmas Special (part 1) (Toppyjazz 462)

This week part one of our Toppyjazz Christmas Specials .
(part two December 26th- 22.00-23.00)
Merry Xmas to all Toppyjazz friends!
Playlist :
XMas wishes Joseph-Patrick Moore for all Toppyjazz Fans.
01 - Winter Wonderland - Oleta Adams
02 - Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Mario Bondi
03 - Good King Wenceslas - Stan Kenton
04 - White Christmas - Michael Bublé & Shania Twain
05 - Little Drummer Boy - Kurt Elling
06 - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen - Manfred Krug
07 - The Christmas Song (alternative track) - Ella Fitzgerald
08 - Silent Night - Jimmy Smith
09 - O Christmas Tree - Charlie Byrd
10 - Ave Maria - Linda Eder
11 - I'll Be Home For Christmas - Barbra Streisand
12 - Zoon van mijn hart - Conny Vandenbos
13 - Merry Christmas Baby - Trijntje Oosterhuis & Candy Dulfer
14 - Christmas Medley - Natalie Cole
Download : Toppyjazz 462

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Verve Jazz Club (part 3)(Toppyjazz 459)

We continue with part 3 of our Verve Jazz Club series with this week Charly Antonini (1937,Zurich),
Sue Raney (1940), Dieter Reith (1938, Mainz), Alfred Hause (1920,Hamburg-2005).
Further more Jimmy Reed, Joe Henderson & Don Sebesky.

Playlist :
01 - Yeah Man - Charly Antonini (album Power Drummer)
02 - A Beautiful Friendship - Sue Raney (album Jazz Ladies)
03 - Girl Talk - Clark Terry & Peter Herbolzheimer (album Clark after Dark)
04 - Follow Me - Dieter Reith (album Organized!)
05 - Theme From Shaft - Alfred Hause and his orchestra (album Thriller Jazz)
06 - Buy Me A Hound Dog - Jimmy Reed (album The Blues Masters)
07 - Feelings - The Singers Unlimited (album Feelings)
08 - Fever - Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith (album Let's Dance Jazz)
09 - Candlelight - Joe Henderson (album Saxophone Ballads)
10 - Super Strut - Eumir Deodato (album Do It Again)
11 - The Word - Don Sebesky (album Jazz Rock)
Download :Toppyjazz 459

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Japo Records (part 1) (Toppyjazz 461)

This week start with a series about Japo Records, a division of ECM Records.
Japo (Jazz bei Post) lived from 1970-1985 and had some fine artists and recordings.
In this program you'll hear Mal Waldron (1926, New York), Dollar Brand (1934 Kaapstad), Barre Phillips(1934 San Francisco), Herbert Joos (!940 Karlsruhe), Bobby Naughton (1944 Boston), Edward Vesala(1945-1999 Helsinki) and Jiri Stivin(1942 Praag) & Rudolf Dasek(1933-2013 Praag). Keep Jazzing!

Playlist :
01 - The Call 01- Mal Waldron (album Japo nr.1)
02 - The Call 02 - Mal Waldron (album Japo nr.1)
03 - Sunset in Blue - Dollar Brand (album Japo nr. 2)
04 - Y.M - Barre Phillips (album Japo nr. 3)
05 - Rainbow - Herbert Joos (album Japo nr. 4)
06 - Understanding - Bobby Naughton (album Japo nr. 6)
07 - Nan Madol - Edward Vesala Japo nr. 7)
08 - Shepherd Song - Jiri Stivin & Rudolf Dasek (Japo nr. 8)
Download :Toppyjazz 461

JAPO Records Discography
JAPO 60001Mal Waldron
The Call
Recorded February 1, 1971, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9070
JAPO 60002Dollar Brand
African Piano
Recorded October 1969 at Jazz-hus Montmartre, Copenhagen
JAPO 60003Barre Phillips
For All It Is
Recorded March 12, 1971 at Alster Film-Tonstudios, Hamburg
Engineer Klaus Bornemann
Produced by Barre Phillips
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60004Herbert Joos
The Philosophy of the Fluegelhorn
Recorded July 1973, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Carlos Albrecht
Produced by Herbert Joos
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60005Dollar Brand
Ancient Africa
Recorded June 1972, Jazz-hus Montmartre, Copenhagen
Engineer Lars Vester Petersen
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60006Bobby Naughton
Recorded October 30, 1971 in concert at Yale University and at Blue Rock Studio, New York
Engineer Eddie Korvin
Produced by Otic Records
Also released on Otic 1003 (LP 1971)
JAPO 60007Edward Vesala
Nan Madol
Recorded April 25, 26, 1974 at Alppi Studio, Helsinki
Engineer Harry Bergman
Released on CD as ECM 1077
JAPO 60008Jiri Stivin & Rudolf Dasek
System Tandem
Recorded May 1974
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60009Tom van der Geld
Children at Play
Recorded 1973 at Rennaissance Studios, Maynard, Massachusetts
Engineer C. Ange
Produced by Tom van der Geld
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60010Enrico Rava
"Quotation Marks"
Recorded December 1973 at Blue Rock Studios, New York / April 1974 at Audion Studio, Buenos Aires
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9071
JAPO 60011Magog
Recorded November 1 and 2, 1974 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland and Carlos Albrecht
Produced by Solitron Productions, S.A.
Listed on Amazon with ASIN: B00AWHEAGG
JAPO 60012Om
Recorded October 1 and 2, 1975, at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by OM
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60013Manfred Schoof
Recorded August 1976 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Also released on LP in the US as ECM 19004
and reissued on CD as part of ECM 2093/4
JAPO 60014Larry Karush
May 24, 1976
Recorded May 1976 at Talent Studios, Oslo
Engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug
Produced by Manfred Eicher
Also released on LP in the US as ECM 1901
JAPO 60015Herbert Joos
Recorded October 1976 and July 1988 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Carlos Albrecht
Produced by Herbert Joos and Thomas Stöwsand
Reissued on CD with additional material as ECM 3615
JAPO 60016Om
Recorded December 1976 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60017Stephan Micus
Recorded March 1977 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Manfred Eicher
JAPO 60018Ken Hyder's Talisker
Land of Stone
Recorded April 1977 in London
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60019Manfred Schoof
Light Lines
Recorded December 1977 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Reissued on CD as part of ECM 2093/4
JAPO 60020Rena Rama
Recorded June 1977 at Talent Studio, Oslo
Engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60021Globe Unity Orchestra
Recorded September 1977 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Released on CD in Japan as UCCU-9020
JAPO 60022Om
Om with Dom Um Romao
Recorded August 1977 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Also released on LP in the US as ECM 19003
JAPO 60023Lennart Åberg
Partial Solar Eclipse
Recorded September 5 - 9, 1977, at Metronome Studios, Stockholm
Engineer Rune Persson, Metronome
Produced by Håken Elmquist
A Phono Suecia Recording
JAPO 60024Contact Trio
New Marks
Recorded January 1978 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60025George Gruntz
Percussion Profiles
Recorded September 20, 1977 at Wally Heider Studios, Los Angeles
Engineer Biff Dawes
Also released on LP in the US as ECM 19002
JAPO 60026Stephan Micus
Till the End of Time
Recorded June 1978 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Manfred Eicher
JAPO 60027Globe Unity Orchestra
Recorded January 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Globe Unity with Thomas Stöwsand and Steve Lake
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9072
JAPO 60028Barry Guy
Recorded April 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Steve Lake and Manfred Eicher
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9073
Recorded June 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Steve Lake
Released on CD in Japan as MTCJ-5504
JAPO 60030Manfred Schoof
Recorded November 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Reissued on CD as part of ECM 2093/4
It Had Been an Ordinary Enough Day in Pueblo, Colorado
Recorded December 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Steve Lake and AMM III
JAPO 60032Om
Recorded January 1980 at Talent Studio, Oslo
Engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug
Produced by Manfred Eicher
Released on CD as part of ECM 1642
JAPO 60033Elton Dean
Recorded February 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Steve Lake and Elton Dean
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9074
JAPO 60034Peter Warren
Recorded Grog Kill Studios, New York
Engineer Tom Mark
Produced by Jack DeJohnette
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60035Tom Van Der Geld / Children At Play
Out Patients
Recorded July 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Steve Lake and the band
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60036Contact Trio
Recorded October 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60037Alfred Harth
Es herrscht Uhu im Land
Recorded December 9 - 11, 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60038Stephan Micus
Wings Over Water
Recorded January 1981 at Ibiza Sound Studio and October 1981 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Manfred Ballheimer, Martin Wieland
JAPO 60039Globe Unity Orchestra
Intergalactic Blow
Recorded June 4, 1982 at Studio 105, Radio France / Paris
Engineer Jean Deloron
Produced by Thomas Stöwsand
Not released on CD.
JAPO 60040Stephan Micus
Listen to the Rain
Recorded July 1983 at Tonstudio Bauer / June 1980 at WDR Sound Studio N, Köln
Engineer Martin Wieland / Gunther Kaspar
JAPO 60041Stephan Micus
East of the Night
Recorded January 1985 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer Martin Wieland

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jazz for a quiet evening (Toppyjazz 460)

This week we have in The Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany "Sinterklaas". A nice day for children.
 So we keep it quiet this time with all the time to make some presents on behalve of "Zwarte Piet".

Playlist :
01 - Concorde Nightflight - Gabor Szabo (album Night Flight"
02 - Kinderen - Gerard Cox (album Ik hoop dat het nooit ochtend wordt)
03 - Midnight Train - Three Degrees (album International)
04 - Kinderen aan de macht - Hans de Booij (album Het beste van Hans de Booij)
05 - The End of a Beautiful Friendship - Carmen McRae (album Riviera Summit)
06 - Thank You Girl - Matthieu Boré (album Frizante!!"
07 - Trains and Boats and Planes - Jeanette Lindström (album Walk)
08 - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Bobby Vee (album The Very Best of Bobby Vee)
09 - Televisie polka - Eddy Christiani
10 - Snieklaas deel 1 - Toon Hermans (1974)
11 - Snieklaas deel 2 - Toon Hermans (1974)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New On Toppyjazz October 2016 (Toppyjazz 453)

Due to technical issue : THIS PROGRAM WILL BE RELEASEd 23+24 November 2016!
We try to work us through 1158 new jazz cd's this month!
So sorry for that, but only 1 track from each cd.
We start with Charles Aznavour and Katia Aznavour and end with the Rias Big Band.

Playlist :
01 - Le Voyage Charles & Katia Aznavour (album Collected box)
02 -Somewhere - Eva Schubert (album Songs For A Ladies Man)
03 - Meant To Sine - Orrin Evans (album Liberation Blues)
04 - Drown In My Own Tears - Joanna Pascale (album Wildflower)
05 - I Won't Dance - Tony Bennett & Bill Charlap (album The Silver Lining)
06 - A Little Minor Booze - Jazz Orchestra HRT (album Music of Stan Kenton)
07 - California Dreamin' - Drivetime (album California Dreamin' )
08 - A Time For Love - Miranda Sage (album On This Day)
09 - Blue Highways - Rias Big Band (album Blue Highways)
Download .Toppyjazz 453 :

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Full Moon by Toppy jazz (part 2) (Toppyjazz 458)

On Toppyjazz 177 we took you a whole hour to Moon songs .
This weeek once again Full Moon and the best of more Moon songs.
Take a drink and dream away with Sten Ekegren, Johnny Frigo, Jenny Evans and others.

01 - The Moon Was Yellow - Frank Sinatra & Nelson Riddle 1962 (album Sinatra sings of..)
02 - Fly Me To The Moon - Sten Ekegren (album Fly Me To The Moon)
03 . Navajo Moon - Ana Popovic (album Ana!- Live in Amsterdam)
04 - Blue Moon - Met Tormé & Russel Garcia (album Swingin' on the Moon)
05 - De andere kant van de maan - Conny Vandenbos (album Alles cd 2)
06 - Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Buddy Greco & John Frigo (album At Mr. Kelly's)
07 - Moonlight In Vermont - John Frigo (album I Love John Frigo..He Swings)
08 - Tangerine - John Frigo (album Live Fron Studio A in New York)
09 - Moonlight - Michael Brandenburg (album Midnight)
10 - Moonlight Serenade - Jenny Evans (album Erotic Jazz Moments 2)
11 - Fair As The Moon - Henry Cow (album The Henry Cow Anniversary Box)
12 - Sister Moon - Sting & Herbie Hancock (album Duetos)

Download : Toppyjazz 458
Download : Toppyjazz 177 (Full Moon part 1)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Encore....Toppyjazz (part 10) (Toppyjazz 457)

Once a year we take you back to earlier programs of Toppyjazz and give some new information about musician we love.
First drummer John Hollenbeck , we promised to be back with his Simple album, when we have this in house. (Toppyjazz 425)
Here it is with Anna Webber on tenor sax and flute.
We found the last take that our dear friend Jay Corre, recorded before he passed away.
It's Pergunta sem fin with Portugese singer Carmen Souza. (Toppyjazz 431) And a fine video from Jay with Dick Cully.
At last a new album by Madeleine Peyroux. It's Secular Hymns recorded in England.
We read a wonderful book by the Finnish autor Arno Paasilina : De gifkokkin. 4 stars!
That brought us to the question is there Finnish Jazmusic??
We found 5 Finnish musicians : The Five Corners Quintet.
From Germany we have the orchestra of Stan Kenton at Stuttgart 1972 with a great prformance.

Playlist :
01 - Emoticon - Anna Webber & John Hollenbeck (album Simple)
02 - Pergunta sem fin - Carmen Souza & Jay Corre (album Verdade)
03 - Tango Till The're Sore - Madeleine Peyroux (album Secular Hymns)
04 - Hard Times Come Again No More - Madeleine Peyroux (album Secular Hymns)
05 - Three Corners - The Five Corners Quintet (album Chasin' The Jazz Gone By)
06 - Come and Get Me - The Five Corners Quintet & Mark Murphy (album Hot Corner)
07 - Trading Eights - The Five Corners Quintet (album The Helsinki Sessions)
08 - Rhapsody In Blue - Stan Kenton (album The Stuttgart Experience)
09 - Autumn Leaves - The Four Freshmen (album Voices and Brass)
Download : Toppyjazz 457

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New on Toppyjazz october (part 2) (Toppyjazz 456)

Some excellent new jazz cd's this month. We start with From Sassy to Dive from Ann Hampton Callaway, Claire Martin & Ray Gelato with We've Got A World That Swings. Furthermore Bria Skonberg, Dave Holland and much more.
Playlist :
01 - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die - Ann Hampton Callaway (album From Sassy To Dive)
02 - Un Bel Di/Poor Butterfly - Ann Hampton Callaway (same album)
03 - C'est Si Bon - Claire Martin & Ray Gelato (album We've Got A World That Swings)
04 - A Swingin' Affair - Ray Gelato (same album)
05 - Take A Short Brake - Bugge Wesseltoft Trio ( Jazz Festival Basel 2016)
06 - From This Moment On - Bria Skonberg (album Bria)
07 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Cheryl Bentyne (album Lost Love Songs)
08 - Trio Introduction - Dave Holland (album City of Sounds)
09 - Quiet Fire - Dave Holland (same album)
10 - Jazz Camp - Sarah Bernstein Quartet (album Still Free)
Download : Toppyjazz 456

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Venus Records (part 3)(Toppyjazz 455)

On Toppyjazz 247 we had sax player Bob Kindred. Bob passed away on 15 August 2016.
We remember Bob Kindred (and his wife Anne Philips) this week in the first 30 minutes of our program. Back with us Fred Hersch, Simon Kopmajer and Harold Mabern.
Playlist :
01 - In Your  Own Sweet Way - Anne Philips & Dave Brubeck (album Ballet Time)
02 - Here's To Life - Anne Philips & Artie Butler (album Ballet Time)
03 - Embracable You - Anne Philips & Bob Kindred (album Ballet Time)
04 - Alam Con alma - Bob Kindred (album Night of Boleros and Blues)
05 - Brazil - Harold Mabern (album Kiss of Fire)
06 - Dat Dere - Harold Mabern (album Misty)
07 - Every Time We Say Goodbye - Marilyn Scott (album Every Time We Say Goodbye)
08 - Night and Day - Nicole Henry (album Bossa Cafe)
09 - How Do You Keep The Music Playing - Simone Kopmajer (album Jazz Cocktail Bar)
10 - Shall We Dance - Fred Hersch (album Venus Jazz Lounge)
11 - Bei mir bist di schön - Nicki Parrott (album Venus Jazz Wine Bar)
Download :Toppyjazz 455

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nagel Heyer Records (part 3) (Toppyjazz 454)

Welcome back by another overview os the Nagel Heyer Records catalog.
This time with Harry Allen, the Buck Clayton Legacy, Terell Stafford and many more.

Playlist :
01 - Georgia On My Mind - Anita Kerr Singers (album Things We Did Last Summer)
02 - The Girl From Ipanema - Roditi/Ignatzek/Rassinfoss Trio (album Smile)
03 - On A Slow Boat To China - Harry Allen Quintet (album A Night at Birdland)
04 - Fuse Blues - Marty Elkins & Dave McKenna (album In Another Life)
05 - Jumpin' at The Woodside - The Buck Clayton Legacy (album All The Cats Join In)
06 - Prelude to a Kiss - Warren Vaché & Bill Charlap (album 2Gether)
07 - His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Terell Stafford (album Fields Of Gold)
08 - Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow - Sammy Davis jr.
09 - Ms. Shirley Scott - Terell Stafford (album Fields Of Gold)
Download : Toppyjazz 454

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Best of The North of Holland (Toppyjazz 452)

This week we take you to the jazz scene of Groningen, the North of The Netherlands.
With :
Ben Webster & Piet Noordijk at Jazz cafe De Koffer 1973.
Francien van Tuinen (Prins Claus Conservatorium)
Bill Evans at de Stadsschouwburg Groningen 1973.
Lewis Porter & Joris Teepe (Prins Claus Conservatorium)
Rein de Graaf Trio & Scott Hamilton at The Jazzroom.

Playlist :
01 - Sweet Georgia Brown - Ben Webster & Piet Noordijk (album Ben Webster meets Piet Noordijk)
02 - Turn Off The Moon - Francien van Tuinen (album A Perfect Blue Day)
03 - The Gardener - Francien van Tuinen (album Countrified)
04 - Gloria's Step - Bill Evans (album Momentum cd 1)
05 - My Romance - Bill Evans (album Momentum cd 2)
06 - Blues For Chicks I - Lewis Porter & Joris Teepe (album Trio Solo)
07 - Crazy Blues - Lewis Porter & Joris Teepe (album Trio Solo)
08 - Groovin' High - Rein de Graaff & Scott Hamilton (album Live at The Jazz Room)
Download :Toppyjazz 452

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dutch Jazz (part 4) (Toppyjazz 451)

The next couple of weeks only jazz from Holland (Behind The Dykes).
All Dutch recordings but sometimes with international musicians.

Playlist :
01 - There's A Boat That's Leaving Soon for New York - Andy Martin & Metropole Orchestra (album Andy Martin with The Metropole Orchestra.
02 - There'll Always Be Another Spring - Ann Thomas Quintet (album Sweet & Swinging)
03 - He Loves Me - Anne Thomas (album Secret Dreams)
04 - A Foggy Day In London Town - Edwin Rutten (  e.p. Swinging Swayers)
05 - The Runners - Festival Big Band & Jerry van Rooyen (album Explosive!)
06 - Volcano For Hire - Michiel Borstlap (album Body Acoustic)
07 - Black Girl - Lils Mackintosh (album Black Girl)
08 - Minor Steps - Jelle van Tongeren (album Earbeat)
09 - Sergei - Jelle van Tongeren (album Earbeat)
10 - F. Blues - The Netherlands Jazz Concert Band (album Live On TV)
Download :Toppyjazz 451

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Toppyjazz 450 with Soren Bebe & Susi Hyldgaard

We start our new 10th series of Toppyjazz with Soren Bebe and Susi Hyldgaard(1963, New York).
Thank you Soren for the fine cd's. We love your playing! Is there any better idea to celebrate our 450th program?
Playlist :
01 - Duke - Soren Bebe Trio (album Searching)
02 - Free, Free, Set Them Free - Soren Bebe Trio (album A Song For You)
03 - Three - Bebuta (Soren Bebe/Kasper Nagel/Jakob Buchanan) (album Gone)
04 - T- Shirt - Bebuta (album Gone)
05 - Heading North - Soren Bebe Trio (album Eva)
06 - Dragging - Soren Bebe Trio (album Eva)
07/08 - Intro/Then I Fall For You - Susi Hyldgaard (album My Female Family)
09 - Absolutely Nothing - Mike Mantler (album Hide and Seek)
10 - Beautiful Balloon - Susi Hyldgaard (album Home Sweet Home)
11 - In The Summertime - Susi Hyldgaard (album Magic Words)
12 - It's Love We Need - Susi Hyldgaard & NDR Big Band (album It's Love We Need)
13 - Simple Living - Susi Hyldgaard (album It's Love We Need)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jazz Scene USA (part 4) (Toppyjazz 449)

This week we'll listen to the sound of some very nice musicians from Mr. Freddie Green (1928, New York), Stacey Kent (1965, South Orange, NJ) and her husband Jim Tomlinsom on sax.
We close this week with Robben Ford (1951, Ukiah, Ca)
Keep Jazzin'!
Playlist :
01 - So Samba - Freddie Redd (album Everybody Loves A Winner)
02 - Farewell To Sweden - Freddie Redd (album In Sweden)
03 - With Die Respect - Freddie Redd (album With Die Respect)
04 - Tenderly - Stacey Kent (album Tenderly)
05 - Mi Amor - Stacey Kent (album Raconte moi)
06 - Hard-Hearted Hannah - Stacey Kent (album Breakfast On The Morning Tram)
07 - Can't Let Her Go - Robben Ford (album Talk To Your Daughter)
08 - Something For The Pain - Robben Ford (album Blue Moon)
09 - Most Likely You Go Your Way - Robben Ford (album Bringing It Back Home)
10 - Rio Samba - Robben Ford & Larry Carlton (album Live In Tokyo)
Download : Toppyjazz 449

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jazz Scene U.S.A (part 3)(Toppyjazz 448)

This week on Toppyjazz :
Eric Gales , blues guitar player, (1975, Memphis,Tenn),
Billy Childs, piano (1957, Los Angeles)
Phillis Hyman , R&B singer (1949,1975)
Veronica Martell, jazz singer (1975, New York)
Patrick Yandall, guitar, vocal (1959)
Keep Jazzin!

Playlist :
01 - I Want You - The Eric Gales Band (album Picture of a Thousad Faces)
02 - Tonight - Eric Gales (album Good For Sumthin')
03 - Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp - Billy Childs (album Reimagining Laura Nyro)
04 - Stoned Soul Picknick - Billy Childs & Ledisi (same album)
05 - No On Can Love You More - Phillis Hyman (album Phillis Hyman)
06 - Back To Paradise - Phillis Hyman (album I Refuse To Be Alone)
07 - Too Young For The Blues - Veronica Martell (album Lucky)
08 - Ever Town Has A Broadway - Veronica Martell (album City Limits)
09 - All Day Music - Patrick Yandall (album From The Ashes)
10 - Who's The Bossa Now? - Patrick Yandall (album Samoa Soul)
11 - Follow The Road - Patrick Yandall (album One Hour Blues)
12 - Blonde Telepathy - Patrick Yandall (album Blonde Telepathy)
Download :Toppyjazz 448

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dena DeRose & Friends (Toppyjazz 447)

At last we got the new fine cd from Dena DeRose titled "United".
Thank you Dena for another excellent album!
We honour Dena by bringing one hour Dena DeRose & Friends.
These friends are the members of her trio + guests:
Matt Wilson -drums (1964, Knoxville, Ill)
Martin Wind - bass (1968, Flensburg, Germany)
Ingrid Jensen, trumpet (1966, Canada)
Peter Bernstein, guitar (1967, New York)
Keep Jazzin'!
Download :Toppyjazz 447

Playlist :
01 - Far Away - Dena DeRose (album United)
02 - Peace - Dean DeRose (album United)
03 - Not You Again - Dena DeRose (album United)
04 - Old Time - Ingrid Jensen & Steve Treseler (album Play Kenny Wheeler)
05 - Sweet Love of Mine - Peter Bernstein (album Let's Loose!)
06 - Early Morning Blues - The Benny Green Trio with Martin WInd & Matt Wilson
       (from Video Jazz Baltica 2010, Salzau, Germany)
07 - I'm Old Fashioned - Dena DeRose & Joris Teepe (album NY Comes to Groningen 1)
08 - keep It Simple - Dena DeRose & Joris Teepe (album NY Comes to Groningen 1)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jazz Scene U.S.A (part 2) (Toppyjazz 446)

Once again this week a look at the best musicians from the USA.
Some nice voices like Datri Bean (1975, Austin, TX) Linda Eder(1961,Tucson, Arizona) and Sunny Sumter (Washinghton DC).
Back with us Bob Mintzer, Connie Rouse, Marvin Stamm(1939, Memphis, Ten) and Phil Bodner(1919-2008).
Keep Jazzin'!

Playlist :
01 - I'll Look Around - Connie Rouse (album A Love Like This)
02 - Slow Down Summertime - Datri Bean (album Slow Down Summertime)
03 - Minuano - Bob Mintzer Big Band & Kurt Elling (album Swing out)
04 - Anything Can Happen - Linda Eder (album It's No Secret Anymore)
05 - Gold - Linda Eder (album Broadway My Way)
06 - If I Could - Linda Eder (album The Other Side Of Me)
07 - Love Is Here At Last - Linda Eder (album Retro)
08 - Samba du Nancy - Marvin Stamm and Ed Soph (album Live at Birdland)
09 - Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Phil Bodner (album Dear Heart and Other Favorites)
10 - Never On Sunday - Phil Bodner (same album)
11 - Jim - Sunny Sumter (album Sunny Sumter)
12 - The Best Is Yet To Come - Sunny Sumter (album Sunny Sumter)
Download : Toppyjazz 445

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tom Scott & David Sanborn (Toppyjazz 445)

This month August only musicains from the United States. We start with Tom Scott (1948, Los Angeles, Ca) and David Sanborn (1945, Tampa,Fla).
We pick the best of the 4 & 5 stars albums from these fine musicians.

 Playlist :
  01 - Rural Still Life - Tom Scott (album Rural Still Life)
  02 - Tom Cat - Tom Scott & LA Express (album Tom Cat)
  03 - Gotcha! - Tom Scott (album Blow It Out)
  04 - If You're Not The One For Me - Tom Scott & Brenda Russell (album Keep This Love Alive)
  05 - Don't Get Any Better - Tom Scott & Maysa Leak (album Night Creatures)
  06 - New York On Sunday - Tom Scott & Paulette McWilliams (album Telling Stories)
  07 - Save Your Love For Me - Tom Scott & Nancy Wilson (album Cannon - Reloaded)
  08 - The Seduction - David Sanborn (album Hideaway)
  09 - Full House - David Sanborn (album Upfront)
  10 - I Believe In My Soul - David Sanborn (album Here & Gone)
  11 - Windmills of Your Mind - David Sanborn (album Time and The River)
  12 - Since I Fell For You - David Sanborn & Bob James (album Double Vision)
 Download :Toppyjazz 445

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From Belgium to Italy (Toppyjazz 444)

This week we start our Toppyjazz summertour in Belgium and Etienne Verschuren (1928-1995).
We have the only one record from him Mr. Blue out 1987.
From Paris come Clara Ponty, a pianoplayer in New Age style with her album The Embrace.
Also from Paris we welcome Cyrille Aimee, her latest cd from 2016 is titled Let's Get Lost.
We're crossing the Spanish border for singer Cristina Mora and her cd Bajo Le Piel.
It's a pity we couldn't find any information in english about Cristina Amor.
Furthermore we have Concha Buika (1972-Palma de Majorca), she sings Sombras from the cd El Ultimo Trago.

From Spain to Italy we're we will meet drummer and singer Aldo Romano (1941) and Susi Hyldgaard.
We will take a short flight to Brazil for our Portugese friends.
That's the late Sylvia Telles (1934-166). We got all her fantastic recordings, It's The Voice That We Love!
01 - Song For Agnes - Etienne Verschuren (album Mr. Blue)
02 - Some Sunshine Again - The Jazz Station Big Band with Michel Paré (album The Jazz Station Big Band)
03 - Spirit Dancer - Clara Ponty (album The Embrace)
04 - Lazy Afternoon - Cyrille Aimee (album Let's Get Lost)
05 - Cry Me A River - Cristina Mora (album Bajo Le Piel)
06 - Sombras - Concha Buika & Chugo Valdes (album El Ultimo Trago)
07 - Fernando - Aldo Romano (album The JazzPar Price)
08 - Follow - Aldo Romano & Susi Hyldgaard (same album)
09 - The Face That I Love - Sylvia Telles (album The Face That I Love)
10 -  Surfin' In Rio - Sylvia Telles (album The Face That I Love)
11 - Estrada do Sol - Sylvia Telles (album U.S.A.)
12 - Amor sem adeus - Sylvia Telles (album U.S.A.)
Download : Toppyjazz 443

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

German Jazz Time (2)(Toppyjazz 443)

This week we pick the best of the jazz world from Germany.
We start with one of the best German bandleaders Peter Herbolzheimer and Bundes Jazz Orchester with some fine Dutch guestplayers like Bart & Erik van Lier and Ack van Rooyen.
Furthermore we have Jessica Gall, Robert Wolf & Fany Kammerlander.

Again we have Ack van Rooyen and Jiggs Whigham with the excellent Lumberjack Big Band.
But also that wonderfull drummer Mareike Wiening from Erlangen, Bayern.
We close with Michaels Gibbs and the NDR Big Band and the third time this evening Ack van Royen, Bart & Erik van Lier, now with The Peter Herbolzheimer Big Band.
Keep Jazzin'!
Playlist :
01 - Morello - BUJazzO (leader Peter Herbolzheimer) (album On Tour)
02 - Music For Night Children - George Gruntz (album Mental Cruelty)
03 - I Close My Eyes -Jessica Gall (album Riviera)
04 - Summer Evening - Jessica Gall (album Little Big Soul)
05 - Flor de la Noche - Robert Wolf & Fany Kammerlander (album Faro)
06 - Crosswalk - Mareike Wiening (album Crosswalk)
07 - With A Little Help of My Friends - Lumberjack Big Band (album Das gelbe vom Ei)
08 - Save The Last Dance For Me - Kevin Tarte & Lumberjack Big Band (album Jump)
09 - The Time Has Come - Michael Gibbs & NDR Big Band (album Back In The Days)
10 - Noname Samba - Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination and Brass (album 25 Jahre :Die 80er und 90er)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blue Canoe Records & Danish Jazz (Toppyjazz 442)

We are very proud to present two brand new albums from Blue Canoe Records.
First David Ellington and his cd Marbles From a Drawer with singer Bridget Kitson.
Our friend Joseph Patrick Moore came with the second cd Decade II, now the years 2006-2015.
All these excellent cd's you may download for just $ 9,95 from

The second half of our program we have Your Favourite Records from Copenhagen once more.
We meet Emil de Waal on drums, the Cordelia Orchestra, Lima Lima, Petrus Kapell, Soren Bebe Trio and singer Sidsel Marie.
Keep Jazzin' with Toppyjazz!
Playlist :
01 - Soul Survivors - David Ellington (album Marbles From A Drawer)
02 - Bridgetown - David Ellington (album Marbles From A Drawer)
03 - Toppyjazztune by Joseph Patrick Moore
04 - Adventures Of Tigger and Alice - Joseph Patrick Moore (album Decade II 2006-2015)
05 - What Could Have Been - Joseph Patrick Moore (album Decade II 2006-2015)
06 - Miauw - Emil de Waal (album Elguitar & Saxofon)
07 - Sweet Surrender - Cordelia (album At The Pink Pony)
08 - Garden of Grief - Lima Lima (album Oh Mighty Though Control)
09 - Sadness In Your Eyes - Petrus Kapell (album A Call For Silence)
10 - From Out There - Soren Bebe Trio (album From Out There)
11 - Eyes Wide Open - Sidsel Marie (album Celebrating An Imperfect Life)
12 - You Made Me Smile - Sidsel Marie (same album)
Download :Toppyjazz 442

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Swedish Jazz by Toppyjazz(441)

We start this month with our summer tour through musical Europe in Sweden. First we have 10 volumes Svens Jazz Historia with the oldest jazz music from Sweden : Kronobergs Regementes Musikkar with Cake Walk from 1899!!
Then we have Swedish greaest jazz singer Monica Zetterlund.
Back with us our friend Jeanette Lindström with Steve Dobrogosz.
Also came along Anna Christoffersson  and some members of that musical Carling Family.
Keep Jazzin'!
Playlist :
01 - Cake walk -Kronoberg (album Svens Jazz Historia vol 1)
02 - What's New - Monica Zetterlund (album Svens Jazz Historia vol. 10)
03 - Airplane - Anna Lundqvist Quartet (album City)
04 - Intervall - Börje Fredriksson (album Intervall)
05 - Lost In The Stars - Jeanette Lindström (album Sinatra/Weill)
06 - Moon River - Jeanette Linström & Steve Dobrogosz (album Feathers)
07 - Hold Me Tight - Anna Christoffersson & Steve Dobrogosz (album It's Always You)
08 - Starlit - Anna Christoffersson & Steve Dobrogosz (album Rivertime)
09 - Over The Rainbow - Gunhild Carling Big Band (album Magic Swing)
10 - After You've Gone - Gunhild Carling Big Band (album Magic Swing)
11 - Caravan - Gunhild Carling Big Band (album That's My Desire)
12 - Skandinavia - Gunhild Carling Big Band (album Big Apple)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Verve Jazzclub Legends (part 2) (Toppyjazz 440)

We continue with our series about Verve Jazzclub Legends with this week our choice of 13 new cd's.
Playlist :
01 - A House Is Not A Home - Ella Fitzgerald (album Live In San Francisco)
02 - Comin Home Baby - Quincy Jones (album Swinging The Big Band)
03 - O Grando Amor - Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto (album Body and Soul)
04 - Begin The Beguine - Teddy Staufer (album In The Mood)
05 - Something Cool - Ruth Cameron (album Bar Jazz)
06 - Copacabana - Klaus Doldinger Quartet (album Bossa Nova)
07 - Easy To Love - Sonny Stitt (album Cole Porter Songbook)
08 - Cracle Hut - Max Roach (album Cool Jazz)
09 - Bamboo Funk - Chris Hinze (album Exotic Jazz)
10 - Unforgettable - Dinah Washington (album Jazz For Lovers)
11 - Knock On Wood - Willie Bobo (album Jazz Swings Pop)
12 - Feels Like Heaven - Al Jarreau (album Jazz For The Road)
13 - It Don't Mean A Thing - Space Jazz Dub Men (album Jazz Remixed)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Let The Sunshine In (Toppyjazz 439)

By the start of summer 2016 we have a Toppyjazz summer program.
The base is the album Let The Sunshine In by singer Buddy Greco.
We replaced only some tracks from his album with the version by other musicians.
Playlist :
01 - Let The Sunshine In - Buddy Greco (album Let The Sunshine In)
02 - Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon - Thelma Houston (album Sunshower)
03 - Yesterday When I Was Young - Charles Aznavour & Elton John (album Duos)
04 - Spinning Wheel - Caecilie Norby (album My Corner Of The Sky)
05 - Always Something There To Remind Me - Naked Eyes (album A Time To Remember 1983)
06 - Like A Rolling Stone - Buddy Greco (album Let The Sunshine In)
07 - From Atlanta To Goodbye - The Manhattans (single)
08 - If You Must Leave My Life - Kurt Edelhagen (album Edelhagen Plays Jimmy Webb)
09 - Ce Monde (You're My World) - Richard Anthony (single)
10 - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing - Lou Rawls (album Brotherman!)
11 - Never, Never Gonna Give You Up - Lisa Stansfield (album Lisa Stansfield)
12 - Let The Sunshine in (outro) - Buddy Greco (album Let The Sunshine In)
13 - Mac Arthur Park - Maynard Ferguson (album M.F. Horn)
Download :Toppyjazz 439

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We Remember Mark Murphy (Toppyjazz 438)

This week we have one hour to remember our dear friend Mark Murphy, who passed away October 2015.
We spent the last 6 month's to search for some never or few heard Mark Murphy recordings.
Perhaps you never heard the stuff we collected for you.
First we ripped the album This Must Be Earth from 1969. An album where Mark seems to be out
of space some times. Mr. Johnny Trunk wrote Mark had some drug problems in that time.
Furthermore we have Mark with Jan Lundgren, The Royal Bopsters and George Gruntz.
We close with Mark's performance in Athens, Greece in 2008.
Enjoy for one hour Toppyjazz with the greatest pure jazz singer from all time : Mark Murphy(1932-2015).
Playlist :
01 - This Must Be Earth - Mark Murphy (album This Must Be Earth)
02 - The Things We Did Last Summer - Mark Murphy & Jan Lundgren (album Plays The Music of Jule Styne)
03 - Senor Blues - The Royal Bopsters incl. Mark Murphy (album Royal Bopsters Project)
04 - Bebop Lives - The Royal Bopsters incl. Mark Murphy (same album)
05 - So In Love - George Gruntz & Mark Murphy (album The Magic of a Flute)
06 - Hong Kong Blues - Mark Murphy (album 80's Hits of Jazz)
07 - Come Back Again - Mark Muprhy (same album)
08 - My Funny Valentine - Mark Murphy (album Live in Athens, Greece)
09 - On Green Dolphin Street - Mark Murphy (album Live in Athens, Greece)
10 - Fly Me To The Moon - Mark Murphy (Milestones single 1963)
Download : Toppyjazz 438
Download : This Must be Earth...please e-mail

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nagel Heyer Records (part 3) (Toppyjazz 437)

Back to the excellent catalogue from Nagel Heyer records from Hamburg, Germany.
Our first choice is the fabulous Antita Kerr Singers with 2 albums on 1 cd : Stay and Things We Did Last Summer.
Great surprise is the Nigerian singer Chinaza, it's on of the 28 tracks from the cd Vocal Jazz Ballads.

Furthermore we spinn New York All Stars with Randy Sandke, Marty Elkins and Bob Wylde.
Keep Jazzin!
Playlist :
01 - What'd I Say - Anita Kerr Singers (album Stay/Things We Did Last Summer)
02 - Moments Like These - Chinaza (album Vocal Jazz Ballads 2012)
03 - Jumpin At The Woodside - Yamaha International All Stars (album Happy Birthday Jazz Welle)
04 - All Of Me - Jeanie Lambe with Yamaha All Stars (same album)
05 - Fine and Mellow - Rex Allen's Swing Express  & Terrie Richards (album Keep Swingin')
06 - In A Mellow Tone - Randy Sandke's New York All Stars (album Broadway)
07 - Sweet Sue, Just You - Randy Sandke (album Randy Sandke Meets Bix Beiderbecke)
08 - Da Pa Virada - Keila Prahed (album Muito Prazer)
09 - Walkin' By The River - Marty Elkins (album Walkin' By The River)
10 - Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me - Bob Wylde Trio with Marty Elkins
Download :Toppyjazz 437

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New on Toppyjazz June 216 (Toppyjazz 436)

5 times Toppyjazz this month with many,many new recordings. First again Harry Allen with his Something about Jobim on Stunt Records.
 As always a very fine album from Harry Allen, but what can go wrong with the Music of Tom Jobim?
More very good Music by Esperanza Spalding (Grammy!), Chuck Israels and Galen Weston.
We have a couple of Simone's this week. First Lisa Simone , she changed her name from Simone to Lisa Simone after her mother died.
We continue with Simon Molinari and close with Simone Waddell from Australia.
At last we have Diana Krall with Georgie Fame. Keep jazzin'!
Playlist :
01 - Theme For Jobim - Harry Allen (album Something About Jobim)
02 - Funk The Fear - Esperanza Spalding (album Emily's D+Evolution-Luxe Edition)
03 - Warming Trend - Chuck Israels (album Garden of Delights)
04 - Take Me Away - Lisa Simone (album All Is Well)
05 - Mr. Paganini - Simona Molinari (album Casa Mia)
06 - Tua - Simona Molinari (album Tua)
07 - Seven Days - Simone Waddell (album My Romance)
08 - Galen's Vive - Galen Weston (album Plugged In)
09 - Late and Never - Galen Weston (album Plugged In)
10 - Yeh, Yeh - Diana Krall & Georgie Fame (album Wallflower)
11 - A CAase of You - Diana Krall (album Wallflower)
Download:Toppyjazz 436

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Capitol Jazz (part 8) (Toppyjazz 435)

This week another program about the fantastic jazz catalogue from Capitol Records.

We found some black vinyl Pearls so as Lee Gagnon and his group on the World Fair 1967 in Canada.
Jesse Price (1909-1974) was a famous drummer from Memphis, Ten.
Back again Stan Kenton with the cd version of his famous Adventures in... series.
We close with 84 years old Keely Smith and Mr. Jackie Gleason.
Keep Jazzin'!
01 - Autoroute - Lee Gagnon (album Le Jazze)
02 - Mack The Knife - Les Baxter (album Les Baxter's Young Pops)
03 - Stop, Look and Listen - George Shearing Quintet (album Rare Form)
04 - Love - George Shearing (album Here and Now)
05 - I'm The Drummer Man - Jesse Price (album The Singing Drummer Man)
06 - Kansas City Boogie - Jesse Price (same album)
07 - A Night at The Golden Nugget (first version) - Stan Kenton (album Adventures in Blues)
08 - Artemis - Stan Kenton (album Adventures in Time)
09 - Chiapas - Stan Kenton (album The Complete Integrated Sunset)
10 - Stormy Weather - Keely Smith (album Swingin' Pretty)
11 - Stardust - Keely Smith (album Swingin' Pretty)
12 - It Happened In Monterey - Jackie Gleason (album Plays The Most Beautiful Girl In The World)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jazz with Spirit (Toppyjazz 434)

Welcome by Toppyjazz with this time the fabulous story of Alex Pangman (1976, Toronto- Canada) and her lung discease. But what a wonderful albums she made the last 17 years!
The second part is for the Canadian piano player Renee Rosnes (1962, Regina -Canada)
Playlist :
01 - Moon Ray - Alex Pangman (album They Say)
02 - Can't Stop Me From Dreaming - Alex Pangman (album Can't Stop Me From Dreaming)
03 - After You've Gone - Alex Pangman (album Live in Montreal)
04 - Breathe In - Alex Pangman (single)
05 - I Never Smile Again - Alex Pangman (album New)
06 - The Quiet Earth - Renee Rosnes (album Renee Rosnes and The Danish Radio Big Band)
07 - Milestones - Renee Rosnes (album Manhattan Rain)
08 - Written in The Rocks - Renee Rosnes (album Written in The Rocks)
09 - From Here To A Star - Renee Rosnes (album Written In The Rocks)
Download:Toppyjazz 434

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Jazz Guitar (part 6) (Toppyjazz 433)

This will be our final program about The Jazz Guitar a 6 volume box from Saar Records Milan.
The whole series is available for download after Mai 11 2016.
This week we have Wes Montgomery(1923-1968), Sal Salvador(1925-1999), George Benson(1943) and Mickey Baker(1925-2012).
Bonus tracks : Hank Garland(1934-2004) and Rune Gustafsson (1933 Göteborg, Sweden-2012 Stockholm, Sweden)
01 - Full House - Wes Montgomery
02 -  I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - Wes Montgomery
03 - Come Rain or Come Shine - Wes Montgomery
04 - Autumn In New York - Sal Salvador
05 - Boo Boo Be Boop - Sal Salvador
06 - Yesterdays- Sal Salvador
07 - Godchild - George Benson
08 - Robin's Nest - Mickey Baker
Bonus tracks:
09 - Secret love - Hank Garland (album Velvet Guitar)
10 - Up, Up and Away - Rune Gustafsson (album Rune At The Top)
11- Spain 14 Days - Rune Gustafsson (album Out Of My Bag)
Download all 6 volumes :The Jazz Guitar

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4 & 5 Mei Special (Toppyjazz 432)

Zoals elk jaar blikken we bij Toppyjazz begin mei even terug op de muzikale tijd rond en in de tweede wereldoorlog.
We vonden weer een paar nummers van het duo Johnny & Jones, Ernst van 't Hoff en zanger Jan de Vries.
Maar we nemen u ook mee naar een jonge Edith Piaf en een aantal engelstalige hits.
Heel veel informatie over de artiesten tijdens de uitzending.
Veel plezier met een avond vol nostalgie!
 01 - praktiseer nu toch niet - Bert van Dongen
 02 - Wij sloopen met muziek - Johnny & Jones
 03 - Westerbork Serenade - Johnny en Jones
04 - In The Mood - Ernst van 't Hoff
 05 - I Never Dream - Ernst van 't Hoff  & Jan de Vries
 06 - Een oogenblikje stilte - Cor Steyn & Jan de Vries
 07 - Een oogenblikje stilte - Ernst van 't Hoff
 08 - Oh Marie, Oh Marie - Dick Willebrandts
 09 - La vie en rose - Edith Piaf
 10 - La Vie En Rose - Gary McFarland
 11 - Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland
 12 - I Never Smile Again - Joe Loss
 13 - You're Dancing On My Heart - Viktor Sylvester
 14 - Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller
 15 - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To - Noel Coward
 16 - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine - Anita O'day
 17 - I Don't Know Enough About You - Peggy Lee
Download :Toppyjazz 432

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Verve Jazzclub Legends (part 1)(Toppyjazz 431)

This week we're starting an overview of the Verve Jazzclub Legends series.
You'll hear one track of each cd from this 160 cd series.
We close with a little tribute to our late friend Jay Corre. Jay I miss you! (Jay died 2014)
We have at the end of our program 9 minutes from the interview of Hans Dulfer with Jay Corre. If you want the COMPLETE interview please e-mail us! Have fun!

01 - The Red House - Antonio Carlos Jobim (album One Note Samba)
02 - Non Stop To Brazil - Astrud Gilberto (album Non-Stop to Brazil)
03 - One For My Baby - Billie Holiday (album Lady Sings The Blues)
04 - Red Roses for A Blue Lady - Count Basie (album On The Sunny Side Of The Street)
05 - Things To Come - Dizzy Gillespie (album Live in Berlin)
06 - I Could Write A Book - Ella Fitzgerald (album Lady Be Good!)
07 - Aloen Again (Naturally) - George Shearing (album Swinging In A Latin Mood)
08 - Mac Arthur Park - Horst Jankowski (album A Walk In The Black Forest)
09 - Jeepers Creepers - Louis Armstrong (album Let's Fall In Love)
10 - Fly Me To The Moon - Oscar Peterson  (album Fly Me To The Moon)
11 - Hans Dulfer Meets Jay Corre (interview 2003)
Download :Toppyjazz 431

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marlene & Billy VerPlanck Special (Toppyjazz 430)

We received 22 cd's and LP records from Billy VerPlanck (1930, Norwalk,CT-2009, Hackensack, NJ) and Marlene VerPlanck (1933, Newark, NJ).
All the details about " the two of us" in our program.
01 - Travellin' Light - Marlene VerPlanck (album My Impetuous Heart)
02 - All In Fun - Marlene VerPlanck & George Shearing (album My Inpetuous Heart)
03 - If I Love Again - Marlene VerPlanck (album I Think Of You With Every Breath I Take)
04 - Wave - Marlene VerPlanck (Billy arranger) (album A Breath of Fresh Air)
05 - You Better love Me - Marlene VerPlanck (album You Better Love Me)
06 - Senor Blues - Billy VerPlanck (album Jazz For Playgirls)
07 - So Long Sadness - Marlene VerPlanck (Billy arranger) (album A Quiet Storm)
08 - Body and Soul - Marlene VerPlanck (album Live! In London)
09 - Playgirl Stroll - Billy VerPlanck (album The Trombone Album)
10 - It Amazes Me - Marlene VerPlanck (album Ballads...Mostly)
11 - Where Can I Go Without You - Marlene VerPlanck (album I Give Up, I'm In Love)
12 - Me and The Blues - Marlene VerPlanck (album The Mood I'm In)
Download : Toppyjazz-430

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Live At Maybeck Recital Hall (part 7) (Toppyjazz 429)

Back by Toppyjazz with part 7 of our series about the Concord Records series Live At Maybeck Recital Hall.
This week we have :
Don Friedman (1935, San Francisco),
Kenny Werner (1951, Brooklyn, NY),
George Cables (1944, New York City)
Toshiko Akiyoshi (1929, Mansjoerije, China)
Ted Rosenthal (1959, Long Island, USA)
Kenny Drew jr. (1958-2014)
Monty Alexander (1944, Jamaica)
Allen Farnham (1961, Boston)
 Playlist :
01 - Alone Together - Don Friedman ( volume 33)
02- Someday My Prince Will Come - Kenny Werner (volume 34)
03 - Going Home - George Cables (volume 35)
04 - Sophisticated Lady - Toshiko Akiyoshi (volume 36)
05 - Drop Me A Line - Ted Rosenthal (volume 38)
06 - Peace - Kenny Drew jr. (volume 39)
07 - Island In The Sun - Monty Alexander (volume 40)
08 - Waltz For Debbie - Allen Farnham (volume 41)
Download :Toppyjazz 429

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bethlehem Records (part 10)(Toppyjazz 428)

Once again we found a number of Bethlehem Records : From Dave Pell, Lucy Ann Polk, Herbie Nichols, Marty Paich and Sam Most.

Playlist :
01- But Beautiful - Dave Pell Octet (album Plays Burke and van Heusen)
02 - Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Dave Pell Octet (album Plays Burke and van Heusen)
03 - Time After Time - Lucy Ann Polk (album Lucky Lucy Ann)
04 - Flyin' Colors - Howard McGhee (album Dusty Blue )
05 - To Close For Comfort - Herbie Nichols (album Love , Gloom, Cash, Love)
06 - I'm Glas There's You - Russell Garcia Orchestra with Howard Roberts (album Jazz City Presents Bethlehem Jazz Session)
07 - That Old Black Magic - Marty Paich (album The Jazz City Workshop)
08 - Them There Eyes - Marty Paich (album The Jazz City Workshop)
09 - Strickly Confidental - Sam Most Orchestra (album Sam Most Plays Bird, Bud, Monk & Miles)
10 - Blue Bird - Sam Most Sextet (album Sam Most Plays Bird, Bud, Monk  Miles)
Download : Toppyjazz 428

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New on Toppyjazz (part 7) (Toppyjazz 427)

We travel through Eastern by Canoe. Of Course we mean Blue Canoe Records. This week 2 new albums, first guitar player Bill Hart (Ontario) with his album Touch of Blue.

For the third time by Toppyjazz we have Megaphone Man . That's Bryan Lopez on sax, Neal Fountain on bass and Jeff Reilly on drums. Two excellent albums to share with your friends these days.
Happy Eastern!
Second part of our program we have Toni Tennille, Barbora Swinx and a preview about Marlene VerPlanck.

 Playlist :
01 - Touch of Blue - Bill Hart (album Touch of Blue)
02 - All I Know - Bill Hart (album Touch of Blue)
03 - This Is Not A Drill - Megaphone Man (album This Is Not A Drill (live))
04 - On Ira - Zaz  (album Sur La Route)
05 - Love Will keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille
06 - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good - Toni Tennnille (album More Than You Know)
07 - Do It Again - Toni Tennille (album More Than You Know)
08 - September Bossa - Petr Kroutil & Barbora Swinx (album Just The Way I Am)
09 - Blues In The Night - Barbora Swinx (album Colors of Love)
10 - Come With Me - Barbora Swinx (album Colors of Love)
11 - The Mood I'm In - Marlene VerPlanck (album The Mood I'm In )
Download : Toppyjazz 427

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New On Toppyjazz (part 6) (Toppyjazz 426)

With many German tourist in Holland this week we present a couple of excellent German musicians or recordings.
First Benny Goodman in Berlin 1980. Benny wondered why nobody talks English to him!
I wonder why he doesn't talk German!
We have his concert at die Berliner Festspiele with his "All American Band".
Benny forgot to tell his musicians were from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Further this week B.B and The Blues Shacks , Justin Kauflin Trio, Karin Mast and last bit not least
Nils Wülker. Keep jazzin! Happy Eastern!

Playlist :
01 - Oh. Lady Be Good - Benny Goodman (album Berlin 1980)
02 - Harry Pepl's Blues - Benny Goodman (album Berlin 1980)
03 - Between The Lines - B.B and The Blues Shacks (album London Days)
04 - Goodbye Everybody - B.B and The Blues Shacks (album Businessmen)
05 - Elusive - Justin Kauflin Trio (album Bremen)
06 - A Day In The Life - Justin Kauflin Trio (album Bremen)
07 - Where Life Begins - Nils Wülker Group (album Safely Falling)
08 - Keeps On Walking - Nils Wülker (album Up)
09 - Worth The Wait - Nils Wülker (album Up)
10 - Confluence - Nils Wülker (album Up)
11- Days of Wine and Roses - Karin Mast (album Incurably Romantic)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New On Toppyjazz (part 5)(toppyjazz 425)

Welcome by Toppyjazz for this week :
Silje Nergaard (1972-Norway) made a fine album with The Metropole Orchestra with arranger Vince Mendoza. Second her album Chain of Days.
John Hollenbeck (New York-1968) lives in Berlin, Germany on the Berlin Music School he teaches
from 2005. John is a fine drummer and composer. He made some very excellent cd's Song I Like A Lot (2013) and Song We Like A Lot (2015).
Furthermore we have Anna Webber, Noah Garabedian, Helene Bak and Ala.Ni.

Playlist :
01 - Laura - Silje Nergaard (album A Thousand True Stories)
02 - Lady Charlotte - Silje Nergaard (album Chain of Days)
03 - Close To You - John Hollenbeck (album Songs We Like A Lot)
04 - Get Lucky Manifesto - John Hollenbeck (album Songs We Like A Lot)
05 - Bicycle Race - John Hollenbeck (album Song I Like A Lot)
06 - Parallissimo - Anna Webber (album Percussive Mechanics)
07 - Gladstone - Noah Garabedian (album Big Bitter & The Eggmen)
08 - Once We Saw A Blimp - Noah Garabedian (same album)
09 - Cherry Blossom - Ala.Ni (album You & I)
10 . Darkness at Noon - Ala.Ni (album You & I)
11- Let It All Loose _ Helene Bak (album Oh So Quiet)
Download :Topyjazz 425

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New on Toppyjazz (part 4) (Toppyjazz 424)

We're awaiting the new cd from Dena DeRose. For now we got some older cd's from that fine friend of us. We Won't Forget You!
We play some tracks from the 12 cd's we got from Jesse Cook. We wonder why Jesse Cook made an album with the name NOMAD.
 What about Nomad?? Jesse seems to inspired by to much sleeping pills!
The Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble is a fantastic project from Michael Benedict. Gary for ever!
This month 3 new albums from our friends of Blue Canoe Records.
This week The Bob Thompson Band with some surprises, like Doug Payne on saxophone.
Look Beyond The Rain is a very fine album with of course Bob on piano, keyboard and vocal.
We close with Caterina Valente , she's already 85 years old! She's keeping The Music playing with her son Eric van Aro jr.
Keep jazzing!
Playlist :
01 - Wild Is Love - Dena DeRose (album We Won't Forget You)
02 - A Time For Love - Dena DeRose (album We Won't Forget You)
03 - Maybe - Jesse Cook & Flora Purim (album Nomad)
04 - Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jesse Cook (album The Blue Guitar Sessions)
05 - Why Are You Blue? - Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble (album Circulation)
06 - Dragonhead - Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble (album Circulation)
07 - Fly High - Bob Thompson Band (album Look Beyond The Rain)
08 - Time 2 B One - Bob Thompson Band (album Look Beyond The Rain)
09 - Look Beyond The Rain - Bob Thompson Band (album Look Beyond The Rain)
10 - How Do You Keep The Music Playing - Caterina Valente & Eric van Aro jr.
Download : Toppyjazz-424

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lisa Hilton Is Back!...and The Arrival of Peter Fessler (Toppyjazz 423)

Welcome by Toppyjazz with this week a fine new cd from Lisa Hilton.
Nocturnal has some fine musician's on board: J.D. Allen, Terell Stafford and Greg August.
Enjoy the music on Toppyjazz!
Peter Fessler (1959, Köln, Germany) seems to be the German version of Michael Franks.
Peter works with some great European jazz men like Nils Lundgren, Sabine Hettlich, Rick Abao and
Christian von Kaphengst. But also guitar player Don Grusin is in line.
A great evening with two super jazz stars.
Playlist :
01 - A Spark In The Night - Lisa Hilton (album Nocturnal)
02 - Midnight Stars - Lisa Hilton (album Nocturnal)
03 - The Girl From Ipanema - Lisa Hilton (album In The Mood For Jazz)
04 - Emily - Lisa Hilton (album The New York Sessions)
05 - Ein Traum wird wahr - Peter Fessler & Sabine Hettlich (from Aladdin)
06 - Memories of Moments - Peter Fessler (album Riding The Sun)
07 - Dindi - Peter Fessler & NDR Big Band (album I Concentrate On You)
08 - Here's To Life - Peter Fessler & Nils Landgren (album I Concentrate On You)
09 - Take Five - Peter Fessler & Don Grusin (album Quality Time)
10 - Don't Worry Be Happy - Peter Fessler (album Quality Time)
11 - Don't Worry Ba Happy (scat version) Peter Fessler
Download : Toppyjazz 423

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dutch Jazz Triptych (3) Toppyjazz 422

This week by Toppyjazz that great saxplayer Harry Verbeke and Bart van Lier with the HRT Big Band.
What happened to Laura Fygi?
We have Laura Fygi as a guest with Diederick van Eck from his van Gogh project.
Furthermore Frits Landesbergen, Ger van Leeuwen, Peter Beets and Rob Madna.

Playlist :
01 - Ev'ry Thing Happens To Me - Harry Verbeke (album Romantic Ballads)
02 - Spring's A Little Late This Year- HRT Big Band & Bart van Lier (bootleg)
03 - Bin Bek - Frits Landesbergen & Izaline Calister (album First Moves)
04 - You On My Mind - LauraFygi & Diederick van Eck (album That's It)
05 - Starry Starry Night - Diederick van Eck (album van Gogh - Behind The Scene)
06 - Parole, Parole - Diederick van Eck & Laura Fygi (album With A Wink and A Smile)
07 - C Jam Blues - Ger van Leeuwen (album Fascinating Rhythms)
08 - Blues For The Date - Peter Beets (album Blue for The Date CD 1)
09 - Beautiful Friendship - Rob Madna (album En Blanc et Noir)
Download :Toppyjazz 422

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dutch Jazz Triptych (2) Toppyjazz 421

Welcome by our second edition of Dutch Jazz this month.
Our main part is that fantastic Dutch guitarplayer Wim Overgaauw (1929-1995)
Furthermore some old and new faces :
Mirjam van Dam with her cd Dead Singers Society, Eddy Doorenbos and The Dutch Jazz Orchestra
with Jerry van Rooijen. Keep jazzing!

Playlist :
01 - Help Yourself/Saving All My Love - Mirjam van Dam (album Dead Singers Society)
02 - Royal Flush - Bernard Berkhout (album Royal Flush)
03 - Something Blue - Denise Jannah (album A Heart Full of Music)
04 - Manha de Carnaval - Wim Overgaauw (album Don't Disturb)
05 - Sweet Georgie Fame - Wim Overgaauw (album Nuages)
06 - All In Love Is Fair - Wim Overgaauw (album 'Round Midnight)
07 - I've Tried _ Eddy Doorenbos (album Here I Go Again!)
08 - Pardon My Bop - Rob Agerbeek/Ruud Brink Kwartet (album Pardon My Bop)
09 - I Can't Get Started - Rob Agerbeek/Ruud Brink Kwartet (album Pardon My Bop)
10 - Remember - Dutch Jazz Orchestra (Jerry van Rooijen) (album So This Is)
11 - Anatomy of a Murder - Dutch Jazz Orchestra (Jerry van Rooijen) (album So This Is) Download : Toppyjazz 421

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dutch Jazz Triptych (1) Toppyjazz 420

Welcome by this first part of our Dutch Jazz Triptych this month.
First our friend from Groningen bassplayer Joris Teepe with his series New York comes to Groningen.

Furthermore Fred Hersch in het Bimhuis Amsterdam, Paulien van Schaik en Maaike den Dunnen.

Playlist :
01 - Joris Teepe interviewed by Herman van der Meij
02 - A Beautiful Friendship - New York Comes To Groningen Ensemble (Joris Teepe)
03 - Polka Dots and Moonbeams - New York Comes to Groningen Ensemble (Joris Teepe)
04 - Don't Blame Me - Fred Hersch (album Live at The Bimhuis)
05 - Good Morning Heartache - Paulien van Schaik & Hein van de Geyn (album Musing)
06 - I Remember Vienna - Boy Edgar (album Boy's Big Band )
07 - Alone Together - Maaike den Dunnen (album Arrival)
08 - Spring Is Here - Maaike den Dunnen (album Arrival)
Download :Toppyjazz 420

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stunt Records Denmark (Toppyjazz 419)

We're starting the month of february with Stunt Records/Sundance Records from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Thank you Nicola Semprini for your support to share your fine recordings with our Toppyjazz listeners in Europe and the USA!
We start with Scott Hamilton & Karin Krog with their album The Best Things In Life Are Free.
Much space this week for Kira Skow and Marie Fisher. They made an excellent album The Cabin Project.

Furthermore we have Caroline Henderson, Ed Thigpen and Ole Kock Hansen & Thomas Fonnesbaek. Skol for that! And for Sinne Eg, we will have her later this year once again for 30
Playlist :
01 - Sometimes I'm Happy - Scott Hamilton & Karin Krog (album The Best Things In Life Are Free)
02 - The Best Things In Life Are Free - Scott Hamilton & Karin Krog (same album)
03 - A Smile To Remember - Kira Skov (album May Your Mind Explode a Blossom Tree)
04 - Never Young - Kira Skov (same album)
05 - Johnny Guitar - Marie Fisher & Kira Skov (album The Cabin project)
06 - Seize My Ease - Marie Fisher & Kira Skov (album The Cabin Project)
07 - I'm A Fool To Want You - Caroline Henderson (album Stunt Records Compilation vol 12)
08 - Fast Train - Ed Thigpen & others (same album)
09 - Fine Together - Ole Kock Hansen & Thomas Fonnesbaek (album Fine Together)
10 - Spring Waltz - Ole Kock Hansen & Thomas Fonnesbaek (album Fine Together)
11 - Willow Weep For Me - Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbaek (album Eeg/Fonnesbaek)
Download : Toppyjazz 419

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

USA Month (4) by Toppyjazz 418

This is the final USA jazz program from this month with singer Anandi from LA.
Further Johnny Lytle (1932-1995, Ohio) and Nancy Marano (1945) from New Jersey.
Once again Kenny Clarke from the cd Americans In Europe.
We close this week with Kate Michaels and Trish Hatley. Listen to the excellent version
od You Don't Know Me by Trish Hatley. 4 stars for that!
Playlist :
01 - The Song Is You - Anandi (album The Song Is You)
02 - On The Sunny Side Od The Street - Dana Lauren (album It's You or No One)
03 - The Breeze and I - Johnny Lytle (album Got That Feelin')
04 - Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Nancy Marano (album Magic)
05 - Magic - Nancy Marano (same album)
06 - Low Life - Kenny Clarke Trio (album Americans In Europe)
07 - Love In The Sun - Hubert Fol (album Kenny Clarke 1948-1950)
08 - Be A Good Girl - Kenny Clarke (same album)
09 - My Heart Belongs To Daddy - Kate Michaels (album A Fine Romance)
10 - I Won't Dance - Kate Michaels & The Red Thread Trio (album The Best Things In Life Are Free)
11 - You Don't Know Me - Trish Hatley (album On The Quiet Side)
12 - These Foolish Things - Trish Hatley (album I Remember vol 1)
13 - That's All - Trish Hatley (album I Remember vol II)
Download : Toppyjazz 418

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scott Hamilton Special (Toppyjazz 417)

In this USA month , this week a Scott Hamilton Special.
We pick the finest recordings from our 60 albums from this fine sax player.
Scott Hamilton (Rhode Island, 1954) made many excellent albums with 4 or 5 stars nominations.
This will be a great program for this week. Next month you will hear Scott with a fine cd with Karin Krog recorded for Stunt Records at Copenhagen.
Playlist :
01 - The Blue Room - Scott Hamilton (album Is A Good Wind)
02 - O.K - Scott Hamilton (album Tenorshoes)
03 - All Through The Night - Scott Hamilton (album The Right Time)
04- Everything You Got - Rosemary Clooney & Scott Hamiton (album Show Tunes)
05 - Blues Caper - Scott Hamilton (album My Romance)
06 - All My Tomorrows - Scott Hamilton & Rossano Sportiello (album At Nola's Penthouse)
07 - My Melancholy Baby - Scott Hamilton & Harry Allen (album 'Round Midnight)
08 - You and The Night and The Music - Scott and Jeff Hamilton (album Live in Bern)
09 - Dear Old Stockholm - Scott Hamilton & Jan Lundgren (album Swedish Ballads and More)
Download : Toppyjazz-417

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

USA JAZZ Month (2) by Toppyjazz 416

We got 160 cd's in house , the complete Verve Jazz Club, we will take a pick of that serie in the next months.
 Some excellent work from SABA Records, those fantastic recordings from Mr. Oscar Peterson for MPS in the house of the famous producer Hans Georg Brunner-Schwers.
We have only one take this time, later you'll hear more of that great box Exclusively For My Friends.
Furthermore we have :
Amy Hancock, Bobby Hebb, Wycliffe Gordon , Kate McGarry and more

Playlist :
01- Gravy Waltz - Oscar Peterson ( album Exclusively For My Friends)
02 - Teach Me Tonight - Amy Hancock (album Love Affair)
03 - Sunny - Bobby Hebb (album Sunny)
04 - Come Rain or Come Shine - Wycliffe Gordon & Niki Harris (album I'm Glad There's You)
05 - I Could Write A Book - Audrey Silver (album Dream Awhile)
06 - Our Day Will Come - Sacha Boutros (album Sacha (live in Hawai))
07 - Stars - Kate McGarry & Fred Hersch (album Mercy Streets)
08 - Ten Little Indians - Kate McGarry & Keith Gantz (album Genevieve & Ferdinand)
09 - My Favorite Things - David Benoit & Jane Monheit (album Believe)
10 - Cherry - Jack Sheldon Quintet (album Sunday Afternoon at The Lighthouse Cafe)
11 - When The World Was Young - Carol Ventura (album Carol!)
Download : Toppyjazz 416

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

USA Jazz Month(1) by Toppyjazz 415

One month with only American Musicians by Toppyjazz.

We start with singer Alma Micic , born in Serbia with is living in de States from 1995.
Next guitar player Gil Parris from Bronx NY with some excellent guests Gloria Loring and Chris Botti.
Female singer Summer comes from Los Angeles.
We close this week with singers Jeri Brown (1952, New Orleans) and Alyssa Schwary (1970, Seattle)

01 - But Beautiful - Alma Micic (album Introducing Alma )
02 - April In Paris - Alma Micic (album The Hours)
03 - Tonight - Alma Micic (album Tonight)
04 - Lost Without You - Gil Parris & Gloria Loring (album A Certain Beauty)
05 - It's A Lie - Gil Parris & Chris Botti  (same album)
06 - Timing and Lightning - Summer Rose Virshup (album Timing and Lightning)
07 - No moon At All - Jeri Brown (album New Wonderland)
08 - The Windmills Of Your Mind - Jeri Brown (album April In Paris)
09 - Guess Who I Saw Today - Alyssa Schwary (album Another Chance)
10 - Francesca - Alyssa Schwary (album Bridges)
11 - Together Again - Stanley Turrentine (album Bethcha!)
Download : Toppyjazz 415

David Broekman Revival (Toppyjazz 565)

DAVID BROEKMAN REVIVAL Als gast hebben we vanavond wederom in de studio Cees Mentink, auteur van het naslagwerk De Leidse Jazz Geschieden...