Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New On Toppyjazz (part 6) (Toppyjazz 426)

With many German tourist in Holland this week we present a couple of excellent German musicians or recordings.
First Benny Goodman in Berlin 1980. Benny wondered why nobody talks English to him!
I wonder why he doesn't talk German!
We have his concert at die Berliner Festspiele with his "All American Band".
Benny forgot to tell his musicians were from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Further this week B.B and The Blues Shacks , Justin Kauflin Trio, Karin Mast and last bit not least
Nils Wülker. Keep jazzin! Happy Eastern!

Playlist :
01 - Oh. Lady Be Good - Benny Goodman (album Berlin 1980)
02 - Harry Pepl's Blues - Benny Goodman (album Berlin 1980)
03 - Between The Lines - B.B and The Blues Shacks (album London Days)
04 - Goodbye Everybody - B.B and The Blues Shacks (album Businessmen)
05 - Elusive - Justin Kauflin Trio (album Bremen)
06 - A Day In The Life - Justin Kauflin Trio (album Bremen)
07 - Where Life Begins - Nils Wülker Group (album Safely Falling)
08 - Keeps On Walking - Nils Wülker (album Up)
09 - Worth The Wait - Nils Wülker (album Up)
10 - Confluence - Nils Wülker (album Up)
11- Days of Wine and Roses - Karin Mast (album Incurably Romantic)

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