Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New on Toppyjazz (part 7) (Toppyjazz 427)

We travel through Eastern by Canoe. Of Course we mean Blue Canoe Records. This week 2 new albums, first guitar player Bill Hart (Ontario) with his album Touch of Blue.

For the third time by Toppyjazz we have Megaphone Man . That's Bryan Lopez on sax, Neal Fountain on bass and Jeff Reilly on drums. Two excellent albums to share with your friends these days.
Happy Eastern!
Second part of our program we have Toni Tennille, Barbora Swinx and a preview about Marlene VerPlanck.

 Playlist :
01 - Touch of Blue - Bill Hart (album Touch of Blue)
02 - All I Know - Bill Hart (album Touch of Blue)
03 - This Is Not A Drill - Megaphone Man (album This Is Not A Drill (live))
04 - On Ira - Zaz  (album Sur La Route)
05 - Love Will keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille
06 - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good - Toni Tennnille (album More Than You Know)
07 - Do It Again - Toni Tennille (album More Than You Know)
08 - September Bossa - Petr Kroutil & Barbora Swinx (album Just The Way I Am)
09 - Blues In The Night - Barbora Swinx (album Colors of Love)
10 - Come With Me - Barbora Swinx (album Colors of Love)
11 - The Mood I'm In - Marlene VerPlanck (album The Mood I'm In )
Download : Toppyjazz 427

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