Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lisa Hilton Is Back!...and The Arrival of Peter Fessler (Toppyjazz 423)

Welcome by Toppyjazz with this week a fine new cd from Lisa Hilton.
Nocturnal has some fine musician's on board: J.D. Allen, Terell Stafford and Greg August.
Enjoy the music on Toppyjazz!
Peter Fessler (1959, Köln, Germany) seems to be the German version of Michael Franks.
Peter works with some great European jazz men like Nils Lundgren, Sabine Hettlich, Rick Abao and
Christian von Kaphengst. But also guitar player Don Grusin is in line.
A great evening with two super jazz stars.
Playlist :
01 - A Spark In The Night - Lisa Hilton (album Nocturnal)
02 - Midnight Stars - Lisa Hilton (album Nocturnal)
03 - The Girl From Ipanema - Lisa Hilton (album In The Mood For Jazz)
04 - Emily - Lisa Hilton (album The New York Sessions)
05 - Ein Traum wird wahr - Peter Fessler & Sabine Hettlich (from Aladdin)
06 - Memories of Moments - Peter Fessler (album Riding The Sun)
07 - Dindi - Peter Fessler & NDR Big Band (album I Concentrate On You)
08 - Here's To Life - Peter Fessler & Nils Landgren (album I Concentrate On You)
09 - Take Five - Peter Fessler & Don Grusin (album Quality Time)
10 - Don't Worry Be Happy - Peter Fessler (album Quality Time)
11 - Don't Worry Ba Happy (scat version) Peter Fessler
Download : Toppyjazz 423

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