Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New On Toppyjazz (part 5)(toppyjazz 425)

Welcome by Toppyjazz for this week :
Silje Nergaard (1972-Norway) made a fine album with The Metropole Orchestra with arranger Vince Mendoza. Second her album Chain of Days.
John Hollenbeck (New York-1968) lives in Berlin, Germany on the Berlin Music School he teaches
from 2005. John is a fine drummer and composer. He made some very excellent cd's Song I Like A Lot (2013) and Song We Like A Lot (2015).
Furthermore we have Anna Webber, Noah Garabedian, Helene Bak and Ala.Ni.

Playlist :
01 - Laura - Silje Nergaard (album A Thousand True Stories)
02 - Lady Charlotte - Silje Nergaard (album Chain of Days)
03 - Close To You - John Hollenbeck (album Songs We Like A Lot)
04 - Get Lucky Manifesto - John Hollenbeck (album Songs We Like A Lot)
05 - Bicycle Race - John Hollenbeck (album Song I Like A Lot)
06 - Parallissimo - Anna Webber (album Percussive Mechanics)
07 - Gladstone - Noah Garabedian (album Big Bitter & The Eggmen)
08 - Once We Saw A Blimp - Noah Garabedian (same album)
09 - Cherry Blossom - Ala.Ni (album You & I)
10 . Darkness at Noon - Ala.Ni (album You & I)
11- Let It All Loose _ Helene Bak (album Oh So Quiet)
Download :Topyjazz 425

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