Wednesday, September 18, 2019

J goes for JAZZ (Toppyjazz 555)

Welcome this week by Toppyjazz with mostly musicians with capital J.
We have :
Ingrid Jensen (53, Norway) trumpet.
Jacob Young (1970, Lillehammer, Norway) guitar.
Siril Malmedal Hauge (1992, Oslo, Norway) fantastic singer!
Jon Cleary ,(England) guitar.
Jane Roman-Pitt (1949, Detroit) singer.
Julie Erikssen (1982, France) singer.
Jakob Bro (1978, Denmark) guitar, composer.
Jane Manning (Canada ??) singer.
Joyce Griffin (USA) actrice, singer.
Joanne Tatham (USA) singer
Jimmy Smith organ

01 - Foxy Trot - Ingrid Jensen (album Invisible Sounds For Kenny Wheeler)
02 - The Ballad Of The Sad Young Man - Jacob Young & Siril Malmedal Hauge /album Last Things)
03 - Lark In The Sky - Siril Malmedal Hauge (album Uncharted Territory)
04 - Dyna-Mite - Jon Cleary (album Dyna-Mite)
05 - I Just Ask - Jane Roman-Pitt (album I Forget About The Stars)
06 - I Started To See - Julie Erikssen (album Out Of Chaos)
07 - Oktober - Jakob Bro (album Returnings)
08 - I Could Write A Book - Jayne Manning (album One For The Road)
09 - Uskudar' a Gideriken - Joyce Griffin (album Love Languages)
10 - If You Never Come To Me - Joanne Tatham (album The Rings Of Saturn)
11 - Bashin' - Jimmy Smith (album Bashin')
12 - Toppyjazz Tune - Stanley Turrentine
Download :Toppyjazz 555

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New On Toppyjazz September 2019. (Toppyjazz 551)

 Back with us Dena DeRose and Scott Hamilton and their fantastic album The Shadow Of Your Smile.
Lisa Wahlandt is here with the cd Venus Ib The Backyard in the series "Die drei Damen". Great album!
 Blue Canou Records brings the new cd from Joseph Patrick Moore titled Nevada Sun. That's 4 stars for JP!
Furthermore we have Nils Wülker,Clark Terry, Dotschy Reinhardt and Steve Kühn.
 Who needs more??
 01 - The Shadow Of Your Smile - Scott Hamilton & Dena DeRose (album The Shadow Of Your Smile)
 02 - Moon Mist - Scott Hamilton & Dena DeRose (same album)
03 - Never Let Me Go - Steve Kühn Trio (album To And From The Heart)
04 - Dat Dere - Die drei Damen (Lisa Wahlandt / Andrea Hermenau /Christiane Ötti) (album Venus In The Backyard)
05 - Not Now Maybe Then - Dotschy Reinhardt (album Chaplin's secret)
06 - Porgy & Bess - Nigel Kenneday (album Kennedy Meets Gershwin)
07 - Summertime - Clark Terry & Chicago Jazz Orchestra (album Porga & Bess)
08 - Fearless - Joseph Patrick Moore (album Nevada Sun)
09 - Happy Girl - Joseph Patrick Moore (same album)
10 - Season - Nils Wülker (album Decade Live)
11 - Wanderlust - Nils Wülker (album Decade Live)
Download : Toppyjzz 551

David Broekman Revival (Toppyjazz 565)

DAVID BROEKMAN REVIVAL Als gast hebben we vanavond wederom in de studio Cees Mentink, auteur van het naslagwerk De Leidse Jazz Geschieden...