Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Jazz Guitar (volume 1)(Toppyjazz 374)

This is the first of a series from about 10 volumes about the greatest jazz guitar players. Volume 1-6 is the same as the series The Jazz Guitar from 1984. We continue with "the rest of the best" according to the book "The Jazz Guitarists" by Stan Britt. We close with the Toppyjazz choice of the best guitarists from Europe. You will find ONE volume each month from now one. You may download the whole serie from our server later on this year.
Playlist volume 1:
01 - Guitar Blues - Lonnie Johnson
02 - Dinah - Eddie Lang
03 - Buck Jumpin' - Al Casey
04 - Triflin' Woman Blues - T-Bone Walker
05- Wild Cat - Eddie Lang
06 - Flat Foot Floogee - Slim Gaillard
07 - Fun On The Frets - Tony Mottola & Carl Kress
08 - Love Is Just Around The Corner- Eddie Condon
09 - Four or five Times - Teddy Bunn
10 - Pickin' My Way - Carl Kress & Eddie Lang
11 - Floyd's Guitar Blues - Floyd Smith
12 - Guitar Lightnin' - Lightnin' Hopkins
13 - Buckin' The Blues - John Collins
14 - Danzon - Dick McDonough & Carl Kress
15 - Glory of Love - Big Bill Broonzy
16 - Trinta - Sensual
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Download details volume 1-6 The Jazz Guitar LINK

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mathilde Santing & Friends (Toppyjazz 373)

This week we have a great Dutch singer in our show Mathilde Santing (1958). She made about 20 albums in the last 30 years and more than 30 singles. We give you our choice from My Fair Lady to All Blues from Oscar Brown jr. Second guest is conga player Jeroen de Rijk. We close this week with the wonderfull big band of Frits Landesbergen.
Playlist :
01 - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - Mathilde Santing (album Mathilde Santing)
02 - Too Much - Mathilde Santing (album Water Under The Bridge)
03 - There Will Never Be Another You- Mathilde Santing (album Out Of This Dream)
04 - I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life - Mathilde Santing (album Breast And Brow)
05 - Worksong - Jeroen de Rijk (album Speak Low)
06 - The Best Is Yet To Come - Mathilde Santing (album New Amsterdam)
07 - Vaderland - Mathilde Santing (album Ne9en Levens)
08 - A Change Is Gonna Come - Mathilde Santing (album Under Your Charme)
09 - All In Love Is Fair - Mathilde Santing (album Forty Nine)
10 - All Blues - Mathilde Santing (album Forty Nine)
11 - Turks Fruit - Frits Landesbergen Big Band (album The Old Fashioned Way)
12 - Alone Together - Frits Landesbergen Big Band (album The Old Fashioned Way)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Your Favourite Records (part1)(Toppyjazz 372)

Great news this week, we presents one of the finest Danish record labels : Your Favourite Records. LINK
We have the privilege to pick the finest of their complete catalogue. Special we recommand Lars Winther one of the finest Danish musicians and Benjamin Aggerbaeck.
Listen also to the fine voice of Astrid Nora:
Playlist :
01 - Flamboyant - Lars Winther (album Big Band)
02 - Morning Remix - Lars Winther (album Big Band Remixed)
03 - Mellow - Lars Winther Trio(album Live 2005)
04 - Out of Nowhere - Lars Winther Trio (album Nordic By Nature)
05 - Hanging On - Astrid Nora (album Astrid Nora)
06 - You're Here - Astrid Nora (album Astrid Nora)
07 - Porntip Phone Call . Exil (album Porntip)
08 - Tool - Exil (album Porntip)
09 - Back In Town - Aggerbaeck Kvintet (album Back In Town)
10 - Lost in Love - Aggerbaeck (album My Oh My)
11 - St. Peter's Blues - Aggerbaeck (album My Oh My)
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

New On Toppyjazz 371

We got after the bad news that our dear friend Rod McKuen died, this week some new and very good music for you.
First the sometimes weird singer Sarah Silverman. You can imagine what we think of songs like "Killing Jesus" and "Rape Jokes". For us after one song : Goodbye Sarah Silverman!
At last we found the cd Mark Murphy made with on sax Karlheinz Miklin, pianist Fritz Pauer en bassist Ewald Oberleitner. It comes from the album Shadows.
We give much space to singer Freda Payne.
We love her, listen to her great version of After The Lights Go Down Low!
01 - Nature Boy - Sarah Silverman (album Sarah)
02 - I've Got A Crush On You - Barbra Streisand & Frank Sinatra (album Partners (Bonus Disc))
03 - Shadows - Mark Murphy (album Shadows)
04 - Miss Finegold - Eddie Costa & Sal Salvador (album Complete Studio Recordings)
05 - Lushlife - Karlheinz Miklin (album Echoes of Illyria)
06 - Torn Between Two Lovers - Susan Wong (album Woman In Love)
07 - Both Sides Now - Susan Wong (album Woman In Love)
08 - Joe's Will - Michiel Borstlap (album North Sea Jazz Legendary Concerts)
09 - Hit The Road - Nigel Price Trio (album Hit The Road)
10 - Yesterday - Freda Payne (album How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore)
11 - After The Lights Go Down Low - Freda Payne (album Jazz Divas Gold)
12 - Band of Gold - Freda Payne
13 - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To - Freda Payne (album Come Back To Me Love)
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A Big Blue Canoe (Toppyjazz 571)

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