Wednesday, January 6, 2016

USA Jazz Month(1) by Toppyjazz 415

One month with only American Musicians by Toppyjazz.

We start with singer Alma Micic , born in Serbia with is living in de States from 1995.
Next guitar player Gil Parris from Bronx NY with some excellent guests Gloria Loring and Chris Botti.
Female singer Summer comes from Los Angeles.
We close this week with singers Jeri Brown (1952, New Orleans) and Alyssa Schwary (1970, Seattle)

01 - But Beautiful - Alma Micic (album Introducing Alma )
02 - April In Paris - Alma Micic (album The Hours)
03 - Tonight - Alma Micic (album Tonight)
04 - Lost Without You - Gil Parris & Gloria Loring (album A Certain Beauty)
05 - It's A Lie - Gil Parris & Chris Botti  (same album)
06 - Timing and Lightning - Summer Rose Virshup (album Timing and Lightning)
07 - No moon At All - Jeri Brown (album New Wonderland)
08 - The Windmills Of Your Mind - Jeri Brown (album April In Paris)
09 - Guess Who I Saw Today - Alyssa Schwary (album Another Chance)
10 - Francesca - Alyssa Schwary (album Bridges)
11 - Together Again - Stanley Turrentine (album Bethcha!)
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