Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Eve Special (Toppyjazz 414)

Welcome by the latest program for 2015. We selected the best voices we could find.
We bstart with the best album from the last year : Thomas Quasthoff with Tell It Like It Is.
What a voice! and what a fine musicians : Wolfgang Haffner on drums, Frank Chastenier on keyb. ,
Dieter Ilg on bass and Bruno Müller on guitar. *****stars!
We remember 2 friends who died last year: Mark Murphy and Nat Peck.
You may download some Nat Peck singles from the '60.
Download : Nat Peck BNF Collection
And more from the best :

Playlist :
01 - I Can't Stand The Rain - Thomas Quasthoff  (album Tell It Like It Is)
02 - Have A Little Faith In Me - Thomas Quasthoff  (same album)
03 - What A Difference A Day Makes - Simone Kopmajer (album It Don't Mean A Thing)
04 - Shoes - Simone Kopmajer (same Album)
05 - Misty - Greg Arthur (album One Romantic Night)
06 - Fly Me To The Moon - Mark Murphy & Al Cohn (Reprise Single)
07 - Tu Parles Trop - Nat Peck
08 - The Song In Me - Kendrick Scott (album We Are The Drum)
09 - Mantra - Kendrick Scott (same album)
10 - Better Luck Next Time - Claire Martin & Richard Rodney Bennett (album Say It Isn't So)
11 - It's Just Another New Year's Eve - Barry Manilow.
Download  : Toppyjazz 414

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