Wednesday, January 27, 2016

USA Month (4) by Toppyjazz 418

This is the final USA jazz program from this month with singer Anandi from LA.
Further Johnny Lytle (1932-1995, Ohio) and Nancy Marano (1945) from New Jersey.
Once again Kenny Clarke from the cd Americans In Europe.
We close this week with Kate Michaels and Trish Hatley. Listen to the excellent version
od You Don't Know Me by Trish Hatley. 4 stars for that!
Playlist :
01 - The Song Is You - Anandi (album The Song Is You)
02 - On The Sunny Side Od The Street - Dana Lauren (album It's You or No One)
03 - The Breeze and I - Johnny Lytle (album Got That Feelin')
04 - Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Nancy Marano (album Magic)
05 - Magic - Nancy Marano (same album)
06 - Low Life - Kenny Clarke Trio (album Americans In Europe)
07 - Love In The Sun - Hubert Fol (album Kenny Clarke 1948-1950)
08 - Be A Good Girl - Kenny Clarke (same album)
09 - My Heart Belongs To Daddy - Kate Michaels (album A Fine Romance)
10 - I Won't Dance - Kate Michaels & The Red Thread Trio (album The Best Things In Life Are Free)
11 - You Don't Know Me - Trish Hatley (album On The Quiet Side)
12 - These Foolish Things - Trish Hatley (album I Remember vol 1)
13 - That's All - Trish Hatley (album I Remember vol II)
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