Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Encore....Toppyjazz (part 10) (Toppyjazz 457)

Once a year we take you back to earlier programs of Toppyjazz and give some new information about musician we love.
First drummer John Hollenbeck , we promised to be back with his Simple album, when we have this in house. (Toppyjazz 425)
Here it is with Anna Webber on tenor sax and flute.
We found the last take that our dear friend Jay Corre, recorded before he passed away.
It's Pergunta sem fin with Portugese singer Carmen Souza. (Toppyjazz 431) And a fine video from Jay with Dick Cully.
At last a new album by Madeleine Peyroux. It's Secular Hymns recorded in England.
We read a wonderful book by the Finnish autor Arno Paasilina : De gifkokkin. 4 stars!
That brought us to the question is there Finnish Jazmusic??
We found 5 Finnish musicians : The Five Corners Quintet.
From Germany we have the orchestra of Stan Kenton at Stuttgart 1972 with a great prformance.

Playlist :
01 - Emoticon - Anna Webber & John Hollenbeck (album Simple)
02 - Pergunta sem fin - Carmen Souza & Jay Corre (album Verdade)
03 - Tango Till The're Sore - Madeleine Peyroux (album Secular Hymns)
04 - Hard Times Come Again No More - Madeleine Peyroux (album Secular Hymns)
05 - Three Corners - The Five Corners Quintet (album Chasin' The Jazz Gone By)
06 - Come and Get Me - The Five Corners Quintet & Mark Murphy (album Hot Corner)
07 - Trading Eights - The Five Corners Quintet (album The Helsinki Sessions)
08 - Rhapsody In Blue - Stan Kenton (album The Stuttgart Experience)
09 - Autumn Leaves - The Four Freshmen (album Voices and Brass)
Download : Toppyjazz 457

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