Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Venus Records (part 3)(Toppyjazz 455)

On Toppyjazz 247 we had sax player Bob Kindred. Bob passed away on 15 August 2016.
We remember Bob Kindred (and his wife Anne Philips) this week in the first 30 minutes of our program. Back with us Fred Hersch, Simon Kopmajer and Harold Mabern.
Playlist :
01 - In Your  Own Sweet Way - Anne Philips & Dave Brubeck (album Ballet Time)
02 - Here's To Life - Anne Philips & Artie Butler (album Ballet Time)
03 - Embracable You - Anne Philips & Bob Kindred (album Ballet Time)
04 - Alam Con alma - Bob Kindred (album Night of Boleros and Blues)
05 - Brazil - Harold Mabern (album Kiss of Fire)
06 - Dat Dere - Harold Mabern (album Misty)
07 - Every Time We Say Goodbye - Marilyn Scott (album Every Time We Say Goodbye)
08 - Night and Day - Nicole Henry (album Bossa Cafe)
09 - How Do You Keep The Music Playing - Simone Kopmajer (album Jazz Cocktail Bar)
10 - Shall We Dance - Fred Hersch (album Venus Jazz Lounge)
11 - Bei mir bist di schön - Nicki Parrott (album Venus Jazz Wine Bar)
Download :Toppyjazz 455

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