woensdag 14 oktober 2009


Radio Westerwolde proudly present as FIRST EUROPEAN RADIO STATION ONE HOUR RADIO SHOW with LINDA KOSUT***** Her MUSIC*****HER LIFE***** and INTERVIEW.
On air CET 21.00-22.00 Wednesday OCTOBER 14th.

Program completely in ENGLISH and ready for download on OCTOBER 15th.

1. I Can Cook Too/If I Knew You're coming I'd've Baked a Cake
2. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
3. Dat Dere
4. Skylark
5. Bid 'Em In
6. Round Midnight/The Beach
7. Column Of Birds
8. Factory/ The Mason
9. Save The Last Dance For Me (The Drifters)
10. If I Were A Bell
11. Humdrum Blues
12. Toppyjazz Tune (Mattie T.- Stanley Turrentine)
Interview :
a . Who is Linda Kosut? Tell us something about your background and did you grow up in a musically family?
b. When we started Toppyjazz some years ago, one of the first records we played was Sin & Soul of Oscar Brown jr. Oscar seems largely forgotten these days. How did you choose Oscar's work in the first place?
c. We noticed you did not choose the most easy songs of Oscar Brown. What's the reason you picked these selection?
d. Linda you made only two albums so far. Both albums have been praised by jazz critic's. Do you were overwhelmed by that honour?
e. What kind of music prefers Linda Kosut besides her own work?
f. We have one last question for Linda Kosut: Are you working on another project at the moment?
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