Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BLUE CANOE RECORDS (part2) (Toppyjazz 232)

TOPPYJAZZ proudly presents our second radio show about BLUE CANOE RECORDS. Thank you producer KARIN FRIESKE for you support! First we start with singer CHINUA HAWK and his new album A BEAUTIFUL COMPLICATED LIFE. This is a very fine cd. We give 3,5 stars. VIDEO :

Chinua Hawk - The Story of A Beautifully Complicated Life from Paul Riley on Vimeo.

MEGAPHONE MAN we found at the BERLIN JAZZ FESTIVAL. We present in this radio show many Blue Canoe Records stars as : EJ Hughes , Philip Smith, Jimmy Jackson, Dan Baraszu and EMP Project. For all information got to the Blue Canoe Records webpage : Blue Canoe Records PLAYLIST :

01. - Back To Life - Chinua Hawk

02. - Careless Whisper - Chinua Hawk

03. - If I Could - Chinua Hawk

04. - Bubble Hat - Megaphone Man

05. - Donna - EJ Hughes

06. - Wabash - Philip Smith

07. - Unit 7 - Jimmy Jackson

08. - Neutron Star - Dan Baraszu

09. - Warrior - EMP Project

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