Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anyone for Lisa, Dan, Yonrico and Robin? (Toppyjazz 337)

Toppyjazz proudly presents 4 new albums from our friends : First Lisa Hilton with her new album Kaleidoscope. Some excellent musicians in her group : Larray Grenadier (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums) and J.D.Allen on tenor sax. See our choice on the playlist. We give 4 stars for Kaleidoscope.

Thank you Karen Frieske from Blue Canoe Records for the latest albums from Mr. Dan Baraszu & Yonrico Scott. Dan Baraszu (guitar) comes with a nice album with David Ellington (organ) and Marlon Patton(drums)titled Organ Trio. Watch out for the boys on Smudge and the Quincy Jones tune Soul Bossa Nova.

Yonrico Scott comes with Quest of the Big Drum. We love Yonrico with sidemen Nick Rosen on keyboard and Joseph Patrick Moore on bassguitar and producer. Again Blue Canoe Records did a wonderful job with these 2 prefect albums. For all downlöoads goto :BLUE CANOE RECORDS

The last part of our show is for singer and pianist Robin Philips from London. His cd Sing, Play For Pleasure is a hommage to King Pleasure. Guests Ian Shaw & Anita Wardell.


01 - Bach/Basie/Bird Boogie/Blues Bop Medley- Lisa Hilton (album Kaleidoscope)

02 - Labyrinth - Lisa Hilton (album Kaleidoscope)

03 - One and Only - Lisa Hilton (album Kaleidoscope)

04 - For Us - Dan Baraszu & David Ellington (album Organ Trio)

05 - Smudge - Dan Baraszu & David Ellington (album Organ Trio)

06 - Soul Bossa Nova - Dan Baraszu & David Ellington (album Organ Trio)

07 - Radiojingle Toppyjazz - Joseph Patrick Moore

08 - Quest - Yonrico Scott (album Quest of the Big Drum)

09 - Sound of the Drum - Yonrico Scott (album Quest of the Big Drum)

10 - UFO - Yonrico Scott (album Quest of the Big Drum)

11 - Doodlin' - Robin Williams & Ian Shaw (album Sing Play For Pleasure)

12 - Moody's Mood For Love - Robin Phillips & Anita Wardell (album Sing Play For Pleasure)

13 - Parker#s Mood - Robin Phillips (album Sing Play for Pleasure)

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