Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New by Toppyjazz (Toppyjazz 339)

This week on Toppyjazz Radio Regina Carter (1966). Born in Detroit she made her first jazz violin album in 1995. Second organplayer Larry Young (1940-1978). We got almost all his recordings, so if you're looking for Larry Young, please e-mail us! Furthermore we got this week Harry Salas, Josephine Cronholm (1971) and Melissa Manchester (1951-New York). Have fun with these fantastic musicians!

Playlist :

01 - Softly as in a Morning Sunrise - Regina Carter & Kenny Baron (album Freefall)

02 - Zoltan - Larry Young (album Unity)

03 - Saudia - Larry Young (album Lawrence of Newark)

04 - Turn Back The Hands of Time - Harry Talas (album Turn Back The Hands of Time)

05 - Just in Time - Harry Talas (same album)

06 - In Your Wild Garden - Josefine Cronholm (album Wild Garden)

07 - Mermaids - Josefine Cronholm (album Songs of the Falling Feather)

08 - Midnight Blue - Melissa Manchester (album The Essence of Melissa Manchester)

09 - Don't Cry Out Loud - Melissa Manchester (album Don't Cry Out Loud)

10 - Caravan - Melissa Manchester (same album)

11 - When Paris was a Woman - Melissa Manchester (album When I Look Down That Road)

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