Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tribute to Chico Hamilton (Toppyjazz 348)

This is one of the latest radio shows about the late Mr. Chico Hamilton. Chico passed away November 25th 2013. But we're still in contact to his producer and manager Jeffrey Caddick. Through the whole airplay there's Chico's latest album The Inquiring Mind, recorded spring 2013 and issued spring 2014. We give you some excellent work of the musicians who worked in the Chico Hamilton groups, like Larry Coryell, Jim Hall, Charles Lloyd, Gabor Szabo and others. Goodbye Chico, we love you and miss you. Thanks for your support to our Toppyjazz radio show and the wonderful Toppyjazz jingle!

01 - Nate's Night - Chico Hamilton(album The Inquiring Mind)

02 - Bolero - Larry Coryell (album Bolero)

03 - Hope - Chico Hamilton (album The Inquiring Mind)

04 - Everytime I Smile/Toppyjazz Jingle Chico Hamilton (album Revelation & Mix Jeffrey Caddick/Bertwin Stubbe)

05 - In A Sentimental Mood - Jimm Hall (album Berlin 1969)

06 - Joy of Spring - Chico Hamilton (album The Inquiring Mind)

07 - Rabo de Nube - Charles Lloyd Quartet (album Rabo de Nube)

08 - CHO - Chico Hamilton (album The Inquiring Mind)

09 - Forest Flower - Chico Hamilton (album Man from Two Worlds)

10 - Jeffrey Andrew Caddick - Chico Hamilton (alnum Hamiltonia)

11 - El Toro - Chico Hamilton (album Passin'Thru)

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