Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Si Zentner, Raymond Scott & Ray Bloch (Toppyjazz 353)

This week we have the music of Si Zentner (1917-2000) and his big band. Si Zentner and his band was voted Best Big Band for 13 years by Downbeat! In 1962 he got a Grammy Award for Up A Lazy River. Strange we couldn't find an audio version! Here's the video:

Raymond Scott (1908-1994) is next in line with his sometimes weird music. But he was a pionier in electronic music. And mr. Scott had a sense of humor. Listen to his Dinner Music For A Pack of Hungry Cannibals! At last a great surprise with Stars On Defense no. 319 and 320 with Buddy Greco and Ray Bloch. We air the whole no. 319.

Playlist :

01 - Walk On The Wild Side - Si Zentner (album Ultra Lounce/The Crime Scene)

02 - Saianai - Si Zentner (album Introducing Si Zentner)

03 - I'm Glad There's You - Si Zentner (album Suddenly It's Swing)

04 - Tiger Rag - Dorothy Collins & Raymond Scott (album At Home With Dorothy & Raymond)

05 - Dedicatory Piece to the Crew and Passangers of the first Experimental Rocket Express to the Moon - Raymond Scott (album At Home with )

06 - The Girl With The Light Blue Hair - Raymond Scott (single Columbia 35427)

07 - Come Rain or Come Shine - Buddy Greco with Ray Bloch Orchestra (Stars On Defence 319)

08 - Stars On Defence 2/Tenderly - Buddy Greco with Ray Bloch

09 - Stars On Defence 3 - Buddy Greco with Ray Bloch

10 - Stars on Defence 4/You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You - Buddy Greco with Raymond Bloch Orchestra.

11 - Midnight in Moscow - Si Zentner (album The Stripper and other Big Band Hits)

12 - Maria - Si Zentner (album Desafinado )

13 - On A Slow Boat to China - Si Zentner (album The Road Band)

14 - Tempo Block -Raymond Scott

15 - Amor - Raymond Scott

16 - Moonlight On The Ganges - Raymond Scott (album Ectoplasm)

17 - Night and Day -Raymond Scott (album The Unexpected)

18 - Take Me to Your Violin Teacher - Raymond Scott (album Manhattan Research)

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