Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jazz Scene USA (1)(Toppyjazz 385)

This week we overlook 9 new musicians at Toppyjazz Radio Show.
First an excellent singer and songwriter : Lisa Kirchner from Los Angeles (1957).
Second Dina Blade from Seattle. According to the site "" Dina Blade is born in 1854!! So she's far out the oldest musician who ever lived! But 1954 looks a better date.
More to hear : Emily Saxe, Karen Shane, Barbara Rosene, Jane Ira Bloom (alt sax) and Carla Helmbrecht.

At last Alexis Cole with her new album A Kiss In The Dark. Next month much more from Alexis on Toppyjazz.
 That's for this week Toppyjazz!
01 - Manhattan Under Paris Moon - Lisa Kirchner (album Umbrellas In Mint)
02 - The Man I Love - Lisa Kirchner (album Charleston For You)
03 - Give Me The Simple Life -Dina Blade (album My Romance)
04 - Stardust - Dina Blade (album Sentimental Journey)
05 - Slightly Out Of Tune - Karen Shane (album It's Anybody's Spring)
06 - Taking A Chance On Love - Emily Saxe (album Keeping You In Mind)
07 - Till Then - Barbara Rosene (album All My Life)
08 - Singing The Blues - Bix Centennial All Stars (Barbara Rosene sings)(album Celebrate Bix!)
09 - I Could Have Danced All night - Jane Ira Bloom (album Wingwalker)
10 - One For My Baby - Carla Helmbrecht (album One For My Baby)
11 - The Touch Of Your Lips - Carla Helmbrecht (album Be Cool Be Kind)
12 - Bimini Bay - Alexis Cole (album A Kiss In The Dark)
Download : Toppyjazz 385

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