Wednesday, September 30, 2015

German Jazz Time (Toppyjazz 401)

We got some wonderful German Jazz musicians this week and/or famous German recordings.
First Alan Farnham with the Rias Big Band (Jiggs Whigham).Furthermore we have Gitte Haenning live on Tour in Germany.
Joe Pass visited Germany and made a great cd with the NDR Big Band.
From Switserland is Christine Schaller, from the States comes Helen Schneider, but she works in Germany for a long time.
But all the news in our show this week.
01 - Rias-Ticity - Allen Farnham & Rias Big Band (album Allen Farnham Meets The Rias Big Band)
02 - 50 Ways To Leave our Lover - Gitte Haenning (album Jazz)
03 - Sweet Bossa - Joe Pass & NDR Big Band (album In Hamburg)
04 - Love For Sale - Joe Pass & NDR Big Band (album In Hamburg)
05 - Foxie - Christine Schaller (album Real Life)
06 - Fidji - Christine Schaller album Real Life)
07 - Transformation - Gunther Schuller/George Russell (album Brandeis Jazz Festival)
08 - The World We Knew - Helen Schneider (album The World We Knew)
09 - Strangers In The Night - Helen Schneider (same album)
10 - Love - Helen Schneider (same album)
11 - Hot Summer Nites - Helen Schneider (album Exposed)
12 - Valerie - Helen Schneider (album Exposed) Download :Toppyjazz 401

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