Wednesday, October 28, 2015

British Jazz (part 4) (Toppyjazz 405)

Another evening with some fine jazz from the British Island.
We start with female singer Alison Burns (Dundee, Scotland) and Martin Taylor.
Over and over again there`s Barb Jungr with her album Hard Rain.
The main artist this week is Tony Coe (1934- Canterbury)

01 - The Good Life - Alison Burns (album Kissing Bug)
02 - But Not For Me - Alison Burns (album Kissing Bug)
03 - Because Of You - Alison Burns & Martin Taylor (album I Am)
04 - First We Take Manhattan - Barb Jungr (album Hard Rain)
05 - Hard Rain - Barb Jungr (album Hard Rain)
06 - Sunday Morning - Tony Coe Quintet (album Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home)
07 - Perdido - Tony Coe (album Some Other Autumn)
08 - Pink Pather Theme - Tony Coe (album Mainly Mancini )
09 - Zeitgeist (part 1) -Tony Coe (album Zeitgeist)
Download : Toppyjazz 405

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