Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New on Toppyjazz 2017 (part 1)(Toppyjazz 465)

Welcome by this first program of 2017 with Yonrico Scott from Blue Canoe Records and his new cd Life of a Dreamer. Another fine album from Yonrico with some friends : Buzz Amato, Melvin Jones and Joseph Patrick Moore.

We have also Camille Bertault, Jane Monheit, Chuck Israels and Jane Fielding.
We close with Dutch singer Kiki Manders and "Leefde is Van Dich is Van Mich".
Playlist :
01 - Baby Girl - Yonrico Scott (album Life of a Dreamer)
02 - Brave Up - Yonrico Scott (album Life of a Dreamer)
03 - Infant Eyes - Camille Bertault (album En Vie)
04 - I Was Doing Allright/Know You Know - Jane Monheit (album The Songbook Sessions)
05 - Doodlin' - Chuck Israels Jazz orchestra (album Joyful Noise)
06 - Yesterda n- Jenny Oaks Baker (album The Rock Album)
07 - How Long Has This Been Going On - Jane Fielding (album Jazz Trio for Voice etc)
08 - Embers Glow - Jane Fielding (album Embers Glow)
09 - Something I Dreamed last Night - Jane Fielding (album Live Sessions)
10 - Leefde is Van Dich en Van Mich - Kiki Manders (album Love Is Yours Is Mine)
Download : Toppyjazz-465

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