Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Iiro Rantala Special (Toppyjazz 492)

We thought there are no or less Finnish jazz musicians: but what about pianoplayer Iiro Rantala?
He was born in Helsinki ,1970.
Reading his biography we were stunned. His work :
Trio Toykeät 1988-2006.
5 music schools.
Musicals, filmmusic, tvmusic and many classical concerts. BRAVO!
We pick the best out of his discography
 01 - Out Of Tune - Trio Toykeät (album G'Day)
 02 - Let Me In - Big Bad Family (album Big Bad Family)
 03 - Happy Hour - Trio Toykeät (album One night In Tampere)
 04 - Caravan - Iiro Rantala (album My History Of Jazz)
 05 - Singing In The Rain/Somewhere Over The Rainbow Iiro Rantala (album Studio 1 Halberg 2013)
 06 - Announcement Iiro Rantala (WDR 2 Jazzfest 2014
 07 - Freedom - Power Trio (wolfgang Haffner/Lars Danielsson/Iiro Rantala)
 08 - Finlandia - Jukka Perko & Iiro Rantala (album It Takes Two To Tango)
 09 - Tears For Esbjörn - Berlin Philharmonic V (album Lost Hero)
 10 - Imagine - Berlin Philharmonic V (same album)
Download :Toppyjazz 492

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