Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New on Toppyjazz April 2018 (part 1)(Toppyjazz 524)

We take you back to our program about Carl Vanwelden and her Shakespeare albums.
In 1986 there were Mike & Kate Westbrook with their beautiful projects also about Shakespeare and Rossini.
They visited the Amsterdam Bimhuis. But what an evening. The Dutch refused to listen to this Rossine project from Mike & Kate Westbrook.
We show the couple and loved it! But there were only 20 people in the Bimhuis!!
We give you sample of the music this week.
Further we have Gregory Poster at the Philharmony in Berlin.
We close with the beautiful music of Stephanie Lottermoser (Wolfratshausen, Germany-1983)

Playlist :
01 - WilliamTell Overture II- Mike & Kate Westbrook  - (album Zurich live 1986)
02 - On My Way To Harlem /What's Going On - Gregory Porter - (album Live In Berlin)
03 - 1960 What? - Gregory Porter  - (album Live In Berlin)
04 - The Sun Will Rise Again - Vincent Herring (album Hard Times)
05 - Codetta - Dave Douglas (album Little Giant Still Life)
06 - A French Touch - Richard Galliano (album New Jazz Musette)
07 - Azul Tango - Richard Galliano (album New Jazz Musette)
08 - This Time - Stephanie Lottermoser (album This Time)
09 - Hemis - Michael Reissler & Stephanie Lottermoser) (album Big Circle)
Download : Toppyjazz-524

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