Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What's in the X-MAS MUSIC BOX? (Toppyjazz 539)

Like every year here's some nice stuff for under the X-Mastree.
 From Holland Fay Claassen with the WDR Big Band. Her album is titled Dutch Songbook. But what a strange titles! 4 out of 11 titles are English!!
 Germany has singer Erna Rot (Berlin, 1985). Her second cd Angst & Weltschmerz has her own songs.
 Blue Canoe Records is back with ARC Trio (Gergö Borlai-Jimmy Haslip & Scxott Kinsey. And much more...see our playlist.
Playlist :
01 - Aan de Amsterdamse grachten - Fay Claassen & WDR Big Band (album Dutch Songbook)
02 - Der Traum ist aus - Erna Rot (album Angst & Weltschmerz)
03 - Auf de Sonnenseite - Erna Rot (album Angst & Weltschmerz)
04 - Goan Wanderer - Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey, Gergö Borlai (album ARC Trio)
05 - West Orange - Jimmy Haslip, Scott kinsey, Gergö Borlai (album ARC Trio)
06 - Out Of Nowhere - Clara Vuust (album Before You Walk Away)
07 - Poincianna - Simone Kopmajer (Album Spotlight On Jazz)
08 - Start It Up! -Ines Estevez (album Nude (enVivo))
09 - In The Black Midwinter - Nils Landgren (Christmas With My Friends IV)
10 - Medley Helpme/Be Cool  - Arianna Neikrug (album Changes)
Download :Toppyjazz-539

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