Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MYSTERY & ALIEN JAZZ (Toppyjazz 329)

Perhaps this will be the most weird program we ever made. First the secret about the mystery about Ted McNabb. Read the amazing story from Marion Evans about the album Ted McNabb and Company. Marion Evans about Ted McNabb

Further an Alien story starting with Fredric Browns Martians Go Home! He started a long jazz way for Shorty Rogers(1924-1994)with his Martians jazz series.

More Space music by Raymond Scott(1908-1994),Mark Murphy, The Cousins and Wayne Shorter. You will hear all information in our Airplay. Raymons Scott was the first musician with a giant electronis equipment :

Playlist :

01 - Margie - Ted McNabb (album Ted McNabb and Company)

02 - Spring Is Here - Ted McNabb (same album)

03 - Close as Pages In A Book - Ted McNabb

04 - They - Mark Murphy (album Mark II)

05 - Martians Go Home!- Shorty Rogers (album The Swinging Mr. Rogers)

06 - The Man With The Golden Arm - Elmer Bernstein/Shorty Rogers (album The Man With The Golden Arm)

07 - Martians Come Back - Shorty Rogers (album Martians Come Back!)

08 - Martians Stay Home - Shorty Rogers (album Martians Stay Home)

09 - The Robot - The Cousins (album Double Gold)

10 - Orbits - Wayne Shorter (album Without A Net)

11 - Message From Where - Raymond Scott with the Secret 7 (album The Unexpected)

12 - The Man With The Golden Arm- Jet Harris (album The Best of Jet Harris)

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