Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Jazz Recordings (Toppyjazz 327)

First this week the son from famous female singer Caterina Valente Mr. Eric van Aro and his cd Obsession.

Second our great friend Dena DeRose. We missed her album Love's Holiday, but at last we got this marvolous swinging and subtile cd. Furthermore guitar player Graham Dechter , Cynthia Holiday, Ron Carter with the WDR Big Band and Marion Meadows. Our bonus track is The Good Life from composer Sacha Distel.

Playlist :

01 - Ordinary Fool - Eric van Aro (album Obsession)

02 - Dancing To The Rhythm - Eric van Aro (album Obsession)

03 - Green Dolphin Street - Dena DeRose (album Love's Holiday)

04 - The Good Life - Dena DeRose (album Love's Holiday)

05 - Road Song - Graham Dechter (album Takin It There)

06 - I Love Being Here With You - Cynthia Holiday (album I Like What I See)

07 - I Believe I Can Fly - Cynthia Holiday (album I Like What I See)

08 - Caravan - Ron Carter with WDR Big Band (album Bass legende - Philharmonie, Cologne, 25-01-2013)

09 - Marcosinho - Marion Meadows (album Whisper)

10 - Golden Curtain - Marion Meadows (album Whisper)

11 - La Belle Vie - Sacha Distel

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