Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brad Mehldau & Jennifer Rush (Toppyjazz 342)

This week we make a choice out of 14 albums from Brad Mehldau (1970, Jacksonville, fla) and 18 albums from Jennifer Rush (1960, New York). We wonder about the strange name of the number "Just Call Ne Nige". Some months ago there was a giant incident about a BBC worker playing an old song with "nigger" in it. But perhaps Brad ,the name has nothing to do with that ? Here's a fine video of Jennifer Rush : Playlist: 01 - For All We Know - Art of The Trio (album The Art of The Trio, vol 3) 02 - Franklin Avenue - Brad Mehldau (album Largo) 03 - The Falcon Will Fly Again - Brad Mehldau (album Highway Rider) 04 - Just Call Me Nige - Mark Guiliana & Brad Mehldau (album Taming The Dragon) 05 - The Power of Love - Jennifer Rush (album Jennifer Rush) 06 - Flames of Paradise - Jennifer Rush & Elton John (album Heart Over Mind) 07 - The Last Day of Summer - Jennifer Rush (album Classics) 08 - Ave Maria - Jennifer Rush - (album Stronghold cd1) 09 - Betcha Never - Jennifer Rush (album Now Is The Hour) 10 - Open Them Gates - Heidi Stern (album Heidi Stern) Download : Toppyjazz-342

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