Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dutch Toppyjazz (part 3)(Toppyjazz 344)

Back on Dutch Jazz ground this week with some splendid Dutch musicians. First Joris Teepe with his album Seven Days a Week.

Also from Groningen a concert by Jacques Pelzer at The Oosterpoort. Joop van Enkhuizen with the cd Meets The Rhythm Section. We met Joe van Enkhuizen with Jimmy Woode and Horace Parlan at his tournee for this album. What a fantastic evening he got 5 stars for the best evening of the year.


01 - Cherokee - Joris Teepe (album Seven Days a Week)

02 - Jesus Thinks of Me - Réne Thomas & Jacques Pelzer (album Groningen 1974)

03 - Bluesville - Joop van Enkhuizen (album Joe Meets The Rhythm Section)

04 - How Long Has This Been Going On - Ben Webster (album Live at The Haarlemse Jazzclub)

05 - Onder de wuivende palmen - Shirma Rouse & Kim Hoorweg (album Dedicated to You)

06 - Dedicated to You - Shirma Rouse & Kim Hoorweg (same album)

07 - Brothers - Rick van den Brink & The Reeds (album Reserge)

08 - If You Go - Masha Bijlsma (album Whispers and Moans)

09 - Song for Ella - Masha Bijlsma (same album)

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