Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dutch Firework by Toppyjazz (Toppyjazz 367)

The start of 2015 with only Dutch (music) Firework with the fantastic new album by saxplayer Ben van Dungen with his album A Night in the Club (Madrid-Spain). More music from Pia Beck, Rein de Graaf, Marcus Stockhausen, Joop van Enkhuizen, Saralee Vos, Wim Overgaauw and more... >/p> Toppyjazz wishes you a very fine jazzy 2015. Playlist: 01 - Mahogany - Ben van den Dungen (album A Night at the Club) 02 - Beat Me Pia, Eight To The Bar - Pia Beck (album The Best of Pia Beck Trio) 03 - In A Sentimental Mood - Rein de Graaff (album Baritone Explosion. Live at Nick's) 04 - Felice - Marcus Stockhausen & Metropole orkest (album Marcus Stockhausen & Metropole Orchestra) 05 - Cheryl - Joop van Enkhuizen (album Blues Ahead) 06 - Largo - Chris Hinze & Louis van Dijk & Jan Goudswaard (album Bach Meets Jazz) 07 - Fly Me Top The Moon - Saralee Vos & Alexander Beets Quartet (album Great American Songbook vol .1) 08 - Here's That Rainy Day - Wim Overgaauw & Hod O'Brien (album Delightful Duets vol. 1) 09 - Oh Look At Me Now - Chris Peeters (album My Name Is Chris) 10 - I Wanna Be Like You - Jazz Connection (album Much Too Young To Loose My Mind) 11 - You Go To My Head - Mathilde Santing (album Mathilde Santing) 12 - Zimbabwe - Micheline van Hautem (album Chocolat) 13 - Horatio - Ben van Dungen (album A Night at the Club) Download :Toppyjazz 367

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