woensdag 7 januari 2015

Dutch Firework by Toppyjazz (Toppyjazz 367)

The start of 2015 with only Dutch (music) Firework with the fantastic new album by saxplayer Ben van Dungen with his album A Night in the Club (Madrid-Spain). More music from Pia Beck, Rein de Graaf, Marcus Stockhausen, Joop van Enkhuizen, Saralee Vos, Wim Overgaauw and more... >/p> Toppyjazz wishes you a very fine jazzy 2015. Playlist: 01 - Mahogany - Ben van den Dungen (album A Night at the Club) 02 - Beat Me Pia, Eight To The Bar - Pia Beck (album The Best of Pia Beck Trio) 03 - In A Sentimental Mood - Rein de Graaff (album Baritone Explosion. Live at Nick's) 04 - Felice - Marcus Stockhausen & Metropole orkest (album Marcus Stockhausen & Metropole Orchestra) 05 - Cheryl - Joop van Enkhuizen (album Blues Ahead) 06 - Largo - Chris Hinze & Louis van Dijk & Jan Goudswaard (album Bach Meets Jazz) 07 - Fly Me Top The Moon - Saralee Vos & Alexander Beets Quartet (album Great American Songbook vol .1) 08 - Here's That Rainy Day - Wim Overgaauw & Hod O'Brien (album Delightful Duets vol. 1) 09 - Oh Look At Me Now - Chris Peeters (album My Name Is Chris) 10 - I Wanna Be Like You - Jazz Connection (album Much Too Young To Loose My Mind) 11 - You Go To My Head - Mathilde Santing (album Mathilde Santing) 12 - Zimbabwe - Micheline van Hautem (album Chocolat) 13 - Horatio - Ben van Dungen (album A Night at the Club) Download :Toppyjazz 367

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