Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ladies Night by Toppyjazz 369.

This week only the girls by Toppyjazz. First one of our favourite jazz singers Claire Martin with het fine album Time & Place with The Montpellier Cello Quartet(Linn Records). But perhaps in the future a bit less heavy cello music. New by Toppyjazz the NYC singer Carol Fredette. Carl grew up with the music of Stan Kenton and Frank Sinatra. We like her latest album No Sad Songs For Me with fine uptempo tracks. Also Cindy Scott from New orleans, she visited Germany in 2013, we love her vocals! We close the program with Connie Evingson (1962). Al The Cats Join In is her album from 2014. Great guest is Mr. Jon Hendricks...93 years old! Keep Jazzin'!

Playlist :

01 - My Ship - Claire Martin (album Time & Place)

02 - Goodbye For Now - Claire Martin (album Time & Place)

03 - You'd better love Me - Carol Fredette (album No Sad Songs For Me)

04 - You better Go Now - Carol Fredette (album No Sad Songs For Me)

Video : Cindy Scott (vocals) & Brian Seeger (guitar) put a New Orleans spin on an R&B classic live at a house concert in Godelhausen, Germany. November 2013

05 - Historia de un Amor - Cindy Scott (album Historia)

06 - A Song For You - Dee Daniels (album Intimate Conversations)

07 - Alone Together - Suzanna Smith (album Halfway Between Heaven and Love)

08 - Summertime - Kitty Cleveland (album Blue Skies)

09 - All ABout Ronnie - Chris Connor (album All ABout Ronnie)

10 - World Medley - Jessica lee (album Rhythms of Anyway)

11 - All The Cats Join In - Connie Evingson (album ALl The Cats Join In)

12 - Bluesette - Connie Evingson (album Some Cats Now )

Download : Monique Kessous : 2008 - Com Essa Cor

Liverpool Bossa

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