Sunday, November 8, 2015

Canadian Jazz Week by Toppyjazz (407)

We collected the finest Canadian Jazz Musicians for Toppyjazz this week.
We start with Laura Crema from Vancouver and het latest album Fotografia.
Matt Dusk (Toronto, 1978) is another fine singer with perhaps a little bit to great
ambitions. His first album had 42 musicians, the second 58 musicians from the Capitol
Studios . But Quantity is not the same as Quality! His latest cd My Funny Valentine
has 80 musicians involved! Matt Dusk will be in Holland on 16 january 2016 in Utrecht.
Holly Cole (Halifax, 1963) is much better then Diana Krall and Norah Jones. We will have
much more from Holly Cole later this season. For now You've Got A Secret!
Last but not least our dear friend George Evans, back with Secret Love
Live from The Cellar!

Playlist :
01 - Blackbird - Laura Crema (album Fotografia)
02 - A Flower is a Lovesome Thing - Laura Crema (album Fotografia)
03 - Theme from Loaded Gun - Matt Dusk (album Two Shots)
04 - As Time Goes By - Matt Dusk (album Back In Town)
05 - One For My Baby - Matt Dusk (album Good News)
06 - My Way - Matt Dusk (album Live From LAs Vegas)
07 - On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Holly Cole (album Shades)
08 - You've Got A Secret - Holly Cole (album Steal The Night)
09 - Dancing In The Dark - Diana Krall (album Candlelit Evening)
10 - Glad Rag Doll - Diana Krall (album Glad Rag Doll)
11 - Secret Love - George Evans (album Live at The Cellar)
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