Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New On Toppyjazz (part 3)(Toppyjazz 409)

We have some excellent musician`s this week to fill your Dutch St. Nikolaas bag.

 The latest from Bruno Raberg, Lisa Ono, Glenn Zaleski, Sara Connor, Iain Mckenzie and Scott Hamilton. Buy these from yout local recordstore!
Once again Cynthia Thijs, because in our latest show we missed one track!
Playlist :
01 - Hot Box - Bruno Raberg (album Hot Box)
02 - Take Five - Lisa Ono (album My Favorite Songs)
03 - Plaisir D'Amour - Lisa Ono (album My Favorite Songs)
04 - I'm Old Fashioned - Glenn Zaleski (album My Ideal)
05 - Where Were You? - Cyntha Thijs (album Live Your Dream)
06 - Mit Vollen Händen - Sarah Connor (album Muttersprache)
07 - Close Your Eyes - Iain Mackenzie (album Blow Your Horn)
08 - A View To A Kill - Iain Mackenzie (same album)
09 - Shake It, Don't Break It - Scott Hamilton (album Live at Smalls)
10 - Easy Does It - Scott Hamilton (same album)
Download :Toppyjazz 409

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