Wednesday, February 22, 2017

German Jazz on Toppyjazz 471

This week we take you to our German friends with most German musicians.
First The Katharina Maschmeyer Quartet (Osnabrück, 19??) and her latest cd Synergy.
Second boogie-woogie pianist Axel Zwingenberger (1956, Hamburg) with Saxy Boogie Woogie . We will have the music of Axel a whole evening summer 2017!
Suzanne Metzel (1974, Hamburg) and Klaus Ignatzek (1954, Wilhelmshaven) with their cd Mariposa.
We got an unique LP : Dorothy Ellison and the Manfred Ludwig Sextett.
We close this week with Torsten Goods (Düsseldorf), Andi Kissenbeck (1969, Bonn) and
Christoph Neuhaus (1986, Stuttgart)
01- Changing Mind - Katharina Maschmeyer Quartet (album Synergy)
02- Cool Heat - Axel Zwingenberger (album Saxy Boogie Woogie)
03 - Mariposa - Suzanne Metzel & Klaus Ignatzek (album Mariposa)
04 - Blues In The Night - Manfred Ludwig Sextett & Dorothy Ellison (album Jazz mit ...)
05 - Dasafinado - Manfred Ludwig Sextett (same album)
06 - My Favourite Things - WDR Big Band with Jerry van Rooyen (album Traces of Trane)
07 - Worksong - Torsten Goods (album Thank You Baby!)
08 - Midst of Our Love - Torsten Goods (same album)
09 - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Torsten Goods (album Irish Heart)
10 - Monsoon Dance - Andi Kissenbeck (album Monsoon Dance)
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