Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New on Toppyjazz 2017(part 2) Toppyjazz 468)

This week we have Mal Waldron with his beautiful album Blues For Lady Day.
Furthermore Nnenna Freelon (1954, Cambridge, MS)
Paolo Fresu (1961, Sardine)

At last there's another album from our favourite singer Ian Shaw. The title od the cd is The Theory of Joy.
We close with another fine cd from Joris Teepe with Don Braden(1964,Ohio)
Keep Jazzin!
Playlist :
01 - You Don't Know What Love is - Mal Waldron (album Blues For Lady Day)
02 - Heritage - Nnenna Freelon (album Heritage)
03 - Until It's Time For You To Go - Nnenna Freelon (album Maiden Voyage)
04 - Just Squeeze Me - Nnenna Freelon & James Moody (album Monterey Jazz Festival 50th Ann.)
05 - Gufo - Paolo Fresu Quintet (album 30!)
06 - Giselle - Paolo Fresu / Richard Galliano/ Jan Lundgren (album Mare Nostrum II)
07 - My Soul, My Spirit - Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa (album Eros)
08 - My Brother - Ian Shaw (album The Theory Of Joy)
09 - The Last Man Alive - Ian Shaw (album The Theory Of Joy)
10 - This Masquerade - Don Braden & Joris Teepe (album Gentle Storm)
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