Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ahmad Jamal & Ledisi (Toppyjazz 301)

Looking for some material from Mr. Howard Roberts we found an old record from Ahmad Jamal with Howard Roberts "The Bright The Blue and The Beautiful". Ahmad Jamel is praised and knocked down for his music. Some critics say 1. Ahmad Jamal is no important musician (Wiki USA) 2. Most important pianist after 1945 (Wiki Netherlands) 3. Jamal is a nice barpianist (Wiki Germany). We heard the Mosaic box with Ahmad Jamal's Arco period. We are sorry to say we don't think Jamal is a great pianist. Also his usage of space, fingersettings , understatement and crack in the vinyl effect is sometimes very weird. But judge by yourself this week by Toppyjazz.

Ledisi Young is our second musician and what a voice. Special listen to her fantastic version of Straight no Chaser.

Playlist :

01 - Yesterdays - Ahmad Jamal (album The Bright The Blue The Beautiful)

02 - But Not For Me - Ahmad Jamal (album Mosaic Arco recordings)

03 - The Surreu With The Fringe on Top (album Mosaic Arco Recordings)

04 - Superstition - Ahmad Jamal (album '73)

05 - It's Easy To Remember - Ahmad Jamal (album Count Em '88)

06 - Wave - Ahmad Jamal (album The Awakening)

07 - Straight No Chaser - Ledisi Young (Album Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue)

08 - Getta Outta My Kitchen - Ledisi (album Soulsinger : The Revival )

09 - Papa Loved To Love Me - Ledisi (album Soulsinger : The Revival)

10 - In The Morning - Ledisi (album Lost & Found)

11 - Them Changes - Ledisi (album Turn Me Loose)

12 - Shut Up - Ledisi ( album Pieces Of Me)

13 - I Gotta Get To You - Ledisi (album Pieces Of Me)

Download :Toppyjazz 301

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